Birdie of Foscarini Table Lamp

Foscarini brand presents the Birdie, table lamp (lamp foot Birdie small version) designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. This lamp reminds sight to a tree branch in all its expression, possibly from here comes inspiration when designing this lamp. Stresses its very pure, clean and simple design in the forms. Just a very thin trunk that seems to extend a small branch. In this case, the “branch” is made in stainless steel and polycarbonate screen, easy to clean. Quality materials resistant and lightweight. The shade of the lamp is E27/105W halogen bulb is, light enough and perfect for illuminating a good radius of distance, especially if we are reading a book or the newspaper, will be more than enough.

The dimensions of the lamp are very similar to the of any other table lamp that we can find in the market (high: 70 cm. diameter: 25 cm.). Birdie of Foscarini lamp is available in various colors (gray, Orange, Brown and white) it won’t have problems in choosing which best suits your living room decoration. Its price is around 360,-€.

So it is the new version of Foscarini Birdie table lamp, we hope that you liked!