Bicycle Supporters Rely on How They Changed the Lifestyle Habits

Experts point to the advantage of the low impact of sporting practice on the day to day.

With adequate intensity and duration, cycling can increase the utilization of fats as a source of energy, reducing the amount of body fat and diminishing levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Not to mention the decrease in blood vessels resistance to circulation, by effect of vasodilators, such as nitric oxide, which reduces blood pressure, which in cycling athletes, resting, is 100 or 90/60. Carried out in longer duration, the sport also increases the permeability of the membrane of muscle cells to glucose, maintaining glucose at appropriate levels.

It was after being flunked out of the medical examination for renewal of qualification that the 41-year-old Elton Biaggi dealer rediscovered his bicycle. Not because he had to abandon the car, but because he needed to lower the pressure. “In November 2012, the cardiologist said I needed to lose 30 pounds. I went spinning and bought a bicycle. In two years, I have reached the ideal weight and have not gained any more. At the time, I didn’t even meet the diet, but I was pedaling from Monday to Saturday, like today, “says Elton, who in the first return to the doctor, shortly after he started pedaling, he had the standard pressure.

The change of habit brought not only health. Elton made new friends, with which he makes mountain biking overnight through the new Lima trails. “I didn’t want to go back to that stressful life that I had away from sporting practice. As the only time I could pedal was after work, I created the pitch pedal, which meets every Monday and Wednesday. We are already 160 in the group and it is an adventure, because we go through the same trails that we would do during the day, but at night we can not see some obstacles, “the adept, who arrives pedaling 60 kilometers in these conditions. The weekends are also devoted to trails, during the day, in the case. And on the other days of the week, he trains in the city.

Doctor Care in Health sciences, Reginald Gonçalves dedicates himself to research on the effects of cycling on cardiovascular risk factors, conducted from the laboratory of charge evaluation of the school of Physical education, physiotherapy and occupational therapy at UFMG. According to the specialist, as well as in other physical activities, it is necessary to begin progressively, respecting the responses and adaptations of the organism. “A general orientation is to start pedaling on alternate days for 15-minute periods on the most possible terrain. However, it is always good to consult a physical education professional or even a physician to avoid excesses and health risks, “alert.

Some care should also be adopted by those who already have some practice, as always start with lighter effort and increase the intensity slowly. Heart rate monitors are recommended primarily for older people or who have a health problem. “At first, the intensity should be comfortable, but it can evolve according to individual goals and possibilities. The water bottle is obligatory item and, for those pedaling for more than 1 hour, it is good to take two bottles and foods like cereal bar, carbohydrate gel or even some fresh or dehydrated fruit.

Doctor in sport and exercise sciences, Rodrigo Bini is a researcher of kinesiology and biomechanics of cycling at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), where he is part of the Cycling Research Group (GEPEC). According to the specialist at SPortingology, one of the main benefits of cycling, the fact that it is a low-impact activity, occurs because there is no abrupt contact with the ground, as in the race. Moreover, it involves the use of musculature, mainly gluteal region and thighs, in a less aggressive way than in the race. The improvement of the aerobics system, in turn, is related to the fact of cycling in moderate and low intensity.

BIKE FIT The caloric expenditure is right, albeit relative. “It depends on the speed of the bicycle, the pace of pedaling, the gradient of the runway and even the direction and speed of the wind. Pedaling up a hill, for example, demands more than going down the hill, “explains. Bini also advocates enabling the practice of exercise after exams. “To be evaluated by a physician and subsequently by a professional in physical education is decisive for the benefits to be great,” alert. The heating can be made on the bicycle itself, in light intensity. Another indication is to resort to the evaluation of bike fit, which involves measurements of the bodily and bicycle dimensions, as well as standard motion evaluations using filming.

According to the specialist, the position on the bicycle involves a balance between maximization of performance and comfort. “Commonly, to gain in performance, should abdicate the utmost comfort, which justifies the most bent position of elite athletes. The bike Fit is the best suited for adjusting the bicycle to the cyclist’s dimensions, regardless of its performance level. ” This care gains even more importance in bicycle lanes, such as the Administrator Juliana Dala, of 32, made by the south of France and coin to São João Del Rei. “The beauty of the place and the willingness to overcome the challenge made me fall in love with the sport. If I spend a weekend without pedaling, I realize my humor isn’t the same, “it counts.

The ideal skinny

To town, track or road? Only after answering that question is possible to choose the right bicycle. The equipment is directly linked to the terrain where cycling will be practiced. According to Gustavo Trindade, managing Partner of Ciclogiro, the folding, which are high, are exclusive for urban use and for small distances, for having small wheels. Practices, for being lightweight and occupying little space, are an option for those who want to move from home to work, for example. The speed or road is indicated for asphalt and long distance, while the mountain bike, as the name implies, is the bicycle for trails.

The fact that you endure more rugged terrain makes that last a more versatile bicycle type. After all, it can also be used in the city and on the roads. That was one of the reasons that led University professor Eleanor Bastos to opt for the model. In love with a bicycle since childhood, she also carried a trauma. “My parents thought it was dangerous and they never gave me one. I remember asking the merchandise deliverers to walk. ” It was only recently that Eleanor decided to perform the old dream. Enthusiastic by friends, began attending some pedal groups, again with a bike borrowed, until I bought the bicycle I wanted to have since childhood.

And when he had to choose, he discovered a variety of brands and models. “As I entered a store, the cheaper cost R $500 and the most expensive, R $37000. Therefore, there is already a market for bicycle insurance companies, “he notes. According to Gustavo, after choosing the type and size–the bicycle must be proportional to the height and size of the leg, the frame set so that the groin is 5 inches above the highest tube–the sky is the limit when it reaches the accessories. “They better have disco brakes, a good quality suspension and a minimum of 24 marches to climb hills,” suggests. Helmets, flares, Bermuda or trousers with inner lining, gloves and hydration kit are also essential.

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