Best Products to Make Frizzy Hair Curly

Neither curly nor straight, dry lengths, split ends, hair that swell and break easily; these are the characteristics of the most hated frizzy hair.

With a canopy so there are only two alternatives: to surrender and show off nonchalantly our mane, or arm yourself with patience, abandon products filled with silicone and follow a routine bio hair.

The products with silicones, in fact, play the hair preventing the passage of nutrients and consequently their daily use makes the hair even more dry, frizzy and damaged; natural cosmetics, instead, feed our hair and with slower results, but lasting, giving a healthy and shiny look to our hair.

Let us see together all the secrets to tame frizzy hair with

Compresses with oil

The first thing to do to take care of our hair is to find the time once a week to make of oil packs to keep posing damp hair for at least one hour prior to shampoo.

Okay any kind of oil, even the simple olive oil, but the most suitable is the ‘ coconut oil because it has the ability to preserve the natural protein in the hair, making them immediately healthier.

Shampoo + mask

For the shampoo is primarily recommended to reduce the frequency of washes and then point to a moisturizing shampoo as the Rosa & Keratin Repair of Lavera and personally, since I tried, I have not changed, because the hair is soft, disciplined and fragrant.

After shampooing, better to prefer the mask balm and my favorite is the mask to Royal Jelly L’Erbolario, one of the best products in circulation, thanks to Royal Jelly, Shea Butter and Candelilla wax is a blessing from heaven for damaged hair and brittle.


Styling must be a specific product to be applied only on the lengths, as the Point of Lush that seals split ends, or the simple nourishing shea butter to melt in your hands and apply on lengths.

For both products, ensure that the quantities: in fact, it only takes very little else is likely to weigh down the hair.

Daily care

Finally, every day is useful to replace our brush with the usual Tek with natural wooden teeth massaging the skin with anti-static effect; and on the tips massaging a small amount of Phyto 9, a real day cream for our hair that will revive our lengths.