Best Flashlights Tactics of 2016

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Many times we are undecided in choosing equipment or other, and more considering the overwhelming amount of products on the market. As well, on the web “Infinitepowersolutions” (see original post here) I found a guide with analysis of “The best flashlights tactics of 2016”, and I have entertained in translating it into Spanish for those you need a starting point or reference when it comes to a tactical flashlight.

Note that the complete authorship of the post corresponds to their original authors, as well as the analysis and opinions of the products. I just I just translate.

Tactical technology (which indicates use of military action, or involves a use at the professional level) is the new fashion for the LED flashlights that allegedly claim to grant superhuman vision regardless of the time of the day or place.

Where you are not familiar with the recent folly of the “tactical LED flashlights of military-grade”, or suffer from what is known as “loose headlight disorder”; Here you focus.

Perhaps you’ve seen new tactical lights populate Internet – you know, those who claim to have construction at military level, professional materials and blinding bright effects that can provide light to distance of two fields of pplena night football… or, in other words, go beyond your plastic halogen or incandescent flashlight.

We knew that it would be necessary to investigate and write a complete and thorough ‘Flashlights tactical military’ Guide that will give you optimal specifications that look for when to choose the best tactical LED flashlight online.
What is a military tactical flashlight?

If you consider yourself a: fisherman / Hunter / police / guards / Explorer / survivor / military… Then we know why are here looking for best tactical flashlights from 2016.

No matter which is your title, label, or occupation. From somebody that likes to go camping or drive a car at night, we are going to put us squarely and shed light on dubious claims (such as protection against terrorism or natural disasters) of these relatively new tactical lights; but also talk about the potential this simple weapon of self-defense (can be a life-saving Pocket that does not require a license or permit).

But it is really true? Can you get more than one flashlight that only light?

The producers of these items seem to believe it, and that Internet has witnessed a radical peak of interest about the tactical LED lights used by the Navy Seals, Coast Guard, fire department, police, search and are now available to the general public for the first time.

Our job is to give you an easy to digest about what to pay attention and look for when your tactical flashlight online solution.

We know how unsuspecting consumers could see these beautiful lanterns, and we want to inform you about whether a tactical LED flashlight is something that a normal citizen can actually need/use/love.

Here’s our guide LED tactical flashlights from 2016 – the good, the bad and the useless directly. That not getting caught off guard when you find a flashlight that seems too good to be true offer. Read this guide and you’ll know everything you need to know to buy a tactical flashlight in military court.

Benefits, features and claims of flashlights tactics.

We have taken account when you start to compare a traditional flashlight taken directly from a common store with a military tactical flashlight, you just normally surmounted by a large amount of information.

Let’s start with a breakdown of the tactical LED flashlights to be able to indicate the features, benefits, and claims that circulate to your around.

Where to start – it’s as if you were to receive enhanced bionics for your body. These lanterns have military properties and basic features that you did not know not that the lanterns were able to do.

While many of the tactical LED lights more popular promote themselves as truly “tactical”(lo cual implica que son útiles para acciones militares), there are a few key properties and essential qualities that these high quality lanterns have.

So is that what happens when you give your old incandescent flashlight a better Bionic? The result is tactical unalinterna. As mentioned, “tactical” means “useful for military action” and if consider self-defense in this category then Yes, these lanterns are tactical. As you can see, a tactical flashlight features make it useful not only as a source of light, but as a mechanism of self-defense and if you think, a weapon also.

Here are these features:
1 modes high / middle / low / Strobe and S.O.S.
2. an angled edge to be used as a weapon of self-defense in emergencies.
3. use of AA or AAA Rechargeable batteries.
Here are those benefits:
1.-light bulbs LED XPE and issuers of lumens.
2. the light beam adjustable telescopic approach.
3. aluminium aviation or stainless steel.
4. 1 x zoom functionality, 250 x, 1000 x 2000 x.
Here are these statements:
1. multiple modes of outdoor security.
2. lens of ultra crystal clear with anti-refractiva patina.
3.-100,000 hours of bulb life.
4. non-slip body with approximate dimensions of 15 x 5 cm.
5. protection waterproof up to 20 meters deep with a maximum of 30 minutes immersion.
Analysis of the Strobe of flashlights tactics:

What can you do with a strobe in addition to simulate a nightclub? Amount of damage, if we attend to the creators of these lanterns! Let’s say someone coming towards you in the darkness, with his eyes adapted to the low luminosity and dilated pupils. Enroll with this powerful strobe and it will be like burn your corneas. It will be blinded, disoriented, giving you the opportunity to escape or attack.

Analysis of the flashlight as a weapon of self-defense of emergency:

The end of the flashlight with the bulb is surrounded by angled edges. These edges are useful to break glass… or you may need to be broken depending on the circumstance. They have a compact and ultra light weight. By definition, they are small and light, and easy to carry. This means that they can accompany you on all sides.

These flashlights work with just two AA batteries but offer a blinding 700 lumens of light. In addition, they use LED bulbs, which makes much smaller tools. The LED is great since a less power, making one lower pile provides more light.


There are a handful of well known brands of tactical flashlights (Fenix, SureFire, Led Lenser aside…) and that stand out among the others for their exceptional descriptions and details made about their tactical flashlights. While many seem to offer the same features, benefits, specifications and properties, there are some that we have found be significantly better than the rest:

This New York company offers:
-5 functions: low, medium, high, strobe and SOS.
-Telescopic beam (x 1, x 250, x 500, x 1000, x 2000)
-100,000 hour life bulb.
-13 cm long
-Built in aviation aluminum.
-Transmitter LED Cree XM-L T6

Read analysis of this headlight here. (Original in English)

Sold by LumiTac in Missouri. Again, the same characteristics than the rest. This company, specifies the power of the bulb: 700 lumens (hence the model name). Also clearly specify its price, which is 56 dollars and free shipping.

This company is also the only one that claims that your product is manufactured by the Association of national protection. We suspect that others also, but in this are sharing the product brand. In addition, if you go to the website of the NPC, also called your G700 model. If we had to buy a military-grade tactical LED flashlight, probably us down with this given that seems a little more direct about their origins and backing up your data.

Read this headlight here website. (Original in English)
As before, the specifications and features equal to the above written.

Read this headlight here website. (Original in English)
Out of Minneapolis, this company sells what seems to be the same flashlight to the MilTac. Specifications and promotional video is virtually the same also.







Well guys, I hope that this guide “enlighten you” a little in the enormous world of choosing your ideal tactical flashlight! Feel free to make any contribution/contribution that will help to complete or improve this post!

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