Basque Clothing Dresses

The Basque back to be a trend in this Autumn / Winter 2014-2015, accessory fashion much loved by women around the world and important piece of fashion history. In the field of hats, Basque has always been a place of honor, in particular in new interpretations given by the big names in the fashion industry this year.

The Basque French still has a vintage mood and original symbol of an era fashion like no other. The ’20s fashion, especially in France, would not be the same without this accessory, item by mannish style, at least the origin , became in no time the subject of still life worship in our time.

Some of the biggest female icons in fashion history have been immortalized with a beret, beginning with Mademoiselle Coco Chanel who wanted it for himself and his clients for all the ’30s. Many actresses who sported a rigorously model all-black or all-white bon ton in the course of their careers, from Audrey Hepburn to Diane Keaton, to eternal Twiggy.

In more recent times Basque has found a place on many high-fashion runways.The most classic models in dark tones were complemented versions in more intense colors such as red, and in the interpretation of diseaseslearning, even with fancy animal, one of the trends for Autumn / Winter 2014-2015 the most successful.

Proposed in the linear classical form or with ruffles along the entire surface, the Basque goes very well with many kinds of different looks, but especially those in the bon ton style. This type of hat is perfect for if coordinated with dress coat with refined lines, with capes that pick up the color or trench finest.

Coats with ruffles at the waist 50 are ideal to create fashionable outfits in the style of a Basque, but not only.

As many of you know, this year the fashion rewards the contrasting combinations, so do not be afraid to dare mixing different moods. How do you prove the pictures of our photo gallery, Basque can also complete a look with leaders in denim more casual, a coordinated style navy striped with leaders and if you want, even a combination allure sporty chic as those worn on the catwalk by Emporio Armani. Blacks Basques, cream, white, red or pastel, the new collections there really is something for all tastes, evergreen templates that always add a distinctive touch to any choice of outfits.