Basic Lingerie For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a time full of contradictions. When you expect your baby to experience a swirl of emotions: anxiety, fear, happiness, fullness, discomfort. It is a State in which you want to stay forever, but at the same time you can’t wait for it to finish. Comfort is essential to pass through these wonderful nine months and on this we will focus on today’s article.

When a woman thinks of your wardrobe for pregnancy often leave aside the underwear and concentrates on have a nice wardrobe. The truth is that lingerie is extremely important and must be one of the first things to consider, even if generally required from the second trimester of pregnancy, especially because it is in lingerie where you will find the necessary support to wear other clothing. Let’s review the basics.

Basic Lingerie For Pregnant Women

• Panties

No one wants their underwear Entwine, get off, climb, or twisting, especially if that someone is pregnant. New comfort is what it has, that urge to expectant mothers to choose panties that offer them support and support your growing belly.

  1. Not necessary, leave aside the style of panties that you used to wear before your pregnancy (refer to In fact, many firms offer “pregnant” version of the favorite styles for all. The important thing is that you feel comfortable is that you choose a bikini, the Grandma panties, or the smallest thongs.
  2. Even if you keep a weight healthy and you have not increased too during your pregnancy, no doubt the body shapes change and you have to find the size that feels best to you. Don’t want noticeable lines of underwear under your outfit by what items of manufacturing seamless (without seams) and with extra support are ideal for you.
  3. In addition support (usually given by the seams) pay special attention to the material that the panties are made. Cotton and micro fiber are the most recommended materials since they allow the skin respiration and are much more comfortable.

Remember that pregnancy is a stage to feel full in every sense and sensuality is part of the fullness of the woman. That should be comfortable while waiting does not mean that you should ignore your more feminine side. Many stores offer lingerie for pregnant women (including wholesale bras and panties, but also a large selection of camisoles, sleepwear and robes) super sexy. Remember the circumstances to adapt to your style and still be yourself. It is the first rule of sensuality.

• Bras

One of the parts of the body undergoing more changes during pregnancy are breast. As it passes over the months of gestation, the breasts grow and change shape. It is necessary to provide the necessary support to these changes in the best possible way and therefore it is recommended to keep the following points in mind when visit the lingerie store (

  1. Make sure the glass to encase the breast.
  2. The band of the bra, just like when you buy normal Bras, must not climb on your back but keep a line straight from the base of your breasts.
  3. Rear clip must be thick and have, at least, three or four options of closing to close with hook and thus accommodate your breasts grow.
  4. The straps will be less elastic than a normal bra (see, so you must make sure that they are coated and the firm enough to provide the support you need without hurting your skin.
  5. During pregnancy and the post-partum leave of side the Bras with metal frame. They will not be comfortable in your State and they can cause certain complications in the milk ducts.
  6. If you plan to feed your baby to breast, it is recommended that you choose a bra or bra for breastfeeding. These models feature a few snaps in the breasts that allow discover breast and again cover very easily. Ideal for the sleepless nights and meals in public places.