Background: Velour

1997 hit the store Nostalgia doors in Gothenburg. The concept was to combine different clothing styles from different decades in an inspiring environment of art and design.Nostalgia became more and more a meeting point for the city’s ever-expanding indie scene, and an inspirational cornerstone for the creation of the brand Velour.
The rest is history, as they say.

Today’s Velour by Nostalgia a sjumannaföretag with the founder and creative director Per Andersson and CEO Anders Remling. The dealers are most concentrated in Scandinavia, but is also available in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg in Europe. Outside Europe’s borders are those of Japan, Saudi Arabia and the United States. A total of 103 pieces.

“Tailoring, graphical, and free” is the motto for Velours ways to create clothing. And for this autumn’s collection, the goal is to create a balance between dressy and free.
Double-breasted cardigans, fine leather jackets, shirts with matching ties, short jackets and t-shirts with prints. And of course the plaid shirts (pictured above) which many see as Velours hallmark.
A new pants have also been produced with narrow feet, small carrotshape, press pleats in front and sailor buttoning in sides. The fabric is a mix between cotton and polyamide, which gives extra luster to the fabric, while giving it a harder feel. This carries you to advantage frackvästen and the 80-inspired Spencerkavajen, both of which are included in the collection. The graphical inspiration comes from kostymtraditionens squares, stripes and pepita.

More pictures of the collection, see Velours website

In Sweden sold Velour including on NK, Weekday, Victoria Arena andNostalgia.