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Ben Hill on The Cover of Elle Men of Mexico

Not very many men’s fashion paper publications, although those that exist tend to be quite acceptable. However (and forgive my ignorance), until today I have not discovered the existence of a Mexican publication of Men Elle. The first contact I had could not be better, since the model appears in the November issue Ben Hill with one military coats in the Super collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 Burberry Prorsum. Continue reading

Riviera Club Offers a Spring-Summer Fresh and Classic at The Same Time

Riviera Club It is one of those brands that are not internationally known and insurance that have a smaller number of followers at the commercial level. But nonetheless we must let it pass over, because it’s a collection in general quite wisely when selecting your clothes and a very refined style that focuses mainly on classic cuts without abandoning the splashes of color. A roll quite formal but without forgetting its roots sport and youth. Continue reading

Gaudí Campaign for The Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

While we are already well into the autumn, less representative of the panorama of the world fashion firms continue to make their visions of what will be the next few months. The big fashion us content with this type of campaign in the middle of August, because they know that their ‘work’ will last until the end of the winter, but lesser-known firms should expect to fully autumn dates so that your message cale. Continue reading

The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXXV)

That that time ande bounced and you the readers, are each from a different country where the temperature has nothing to do (or other) that we have here in Spain (I write from Madrid, specifically) is seeing some of the street-style of this week is we put, to which we are moving more cold , the willies because seems to be that There are still who refuses to save the summer in the closet. So we have for all tastes and colors: from the point in the thicker version until some daring that still think that shirt and Suspenders are a good bet for the weekend output. Continue reading

The Community Teaches Jelly Bean on The Sony Xperia S

Away from ads and the bureaucracy of the manufacturers, the community strives to work whenever Google teaches the benefits of a new version of Android. Still do not know the update plans almost no one, but every day we have good news from the work of cooks, This time with a preliminary version of 4.1 Android Jelly Bean running at a Xperia Sony. Continue reading