Australia Bike Expo

Bike culture: last autumn we held out a trip to the GranFondo New York among you that newly signed a subscription to bicycle trade show Australia Bike Expo. Now we have a winner.

Australia Bike Expo

During the bicycle trade show Australia Bike Expo was Bicycling in place both on the main stage where our Marketing Director Janet Borssén interviewed large and small cycling personalities and a booth where you could meet with us that makes Bicycling, buy loose number to solve an extension of a subscription. Among those who newly signed a subscription, we have now handed out the first prize which is a trip to the bicycle race GranFondo NewYork. 

The winner of the trip to the GranFondo NewYork was Mattias Nilsson, operating engineer from Karlstad.

  1. Congratulations! You have won a trip to New York GranFondo which we handed out during the bicycle trade show Australia Bike Expo last fall.

-Thank you very much, I am totally shocked, this becomes really motivated for the new year.

Australia Bike Expo

Australia Bike Expo

  1. How long have you cycled? Which form of exercise did you do before cycling? What do you think is fun and rewarding with the bike?

-I bought my first race for nine years ago. Since then, it has become both a mountain bike and a new racer last year. The new bike has Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic gears. But the gateway to the sport of cycling was in the form of spinning on viability in Karlstad for 16 years ago.

Shimano Ultegra Di2

Shimano Ultegra Di2

  1. Do you prefer road cycling or mountain biking? Which attracts you more?

-Mountain bike in front of the highway as it looks right now. I guess I’ll start exercising more road now, haha.

  1. Have you gone on a cycling holiday in the past?

-No, it’ll be exciting to travel to New York.

  1. What does your cykelår out in 2014? Do you have any milestones or goals?

-Pretty well-stocked as it looks. Both Halvvättern and Cykelvasan (this will be the 5th time this year) should I run.

  1. We have just passed the new year, have you passed any new year’s resolutions?

-No, I visited when I was around 10 years old not eating candy in a year. I agree still setting aside from chocolate.

Chocolate do you eat Mattias, some bikes to be able to eat more chocolate.

  1. What do you look forward to in New York? You need to get started with training now?

-Experience in particular, I have not been in the United States before. Yes, I have run a couple of spinning classes this year. But now, it may be well to book both bike camps and start biking to work.

Training for Cycling

Training for Cycling

Bicycling are Mattias a big good luck!