Aukey USB C Hub Review

Aukey is a well known brand recognized for its batteries, USB accessories and more. Today, I give you feedback on USB-C Aukey accessories, perfectly adapted to your Macbook (but not that)!


The small problem with the Macbook retina is that it has only one USB-C port. It is therefore necessary to provide a necessary accessory from the purchase: a USB hub to be able to connect several elements at the same time, and to the standard USB standard (eg a USB stick, a hard drive, etc …). Aukey features a cute little hub and everything nice that “transforms” your USB-C port 4 USB 3.0 ports “classic.”

The Hub Ankey is packed in a rather rudimentary carton, and it has a typical “mac” look: brushed aluminum, and even the slice of the hub reminds a bit of Apple’s magic trackpad. The hub cable is long enough I think, not too short, not too long … and it worked perfectly with the USB cable Aukey received the same day from Aukey. The only complaint that could be made to this hub is that it does not allow to recharge at the same time the Macbook. Shame. But for € 15, you can not ask him too!

USB-C Adapters

Other small accessories: USB-C adapters that can convert any conventional USB cable into a USB-C cable. It also works for USB sticks, hard drives and other peripherals. I advise you to have one or 2 always with you as long as the USB-C is not widespread everywhere.

Aukey offers an interesting little pack, consisting of 3 elements, for less than 6 € 2 USB-C microUSB adapter, handy to plug all your cables that were already on the Macbook, and a USB-C adapter that will Rather intended to be able to connect to your macbook a USB key, a USB hard disk for example.

Note that all these USB-C Aukey accessories also work on Android devices which are now almost all equipped with USB-C!