Asus and Google Nexus 7

Next may be held on Google I/O 2013, and it is easy to predict who will be the perfect opportunity for a lot of news in the Android world: a new version of the OS maybe, and of course some new Nexus to stir things up.

A second Nexus 7 is, among the many hypotheses circulated, one of the more sensible: the Tablet from Asus sells well and in May will have 10 good months at shoulders, perfect time in this hectic world of consumer electronics to speak of “successor”. For this we consider plausible rumors today about a new tablet from the collaboration of the two companies, the only problem is that in support of this argument were brought solid evidence, but just rumors of a non specified supplier.

Little information about the specifics, focusing always on a 7 inch Full HD but this time, and with less edges around the display, without actually going to affect the price, which should remain in the 199-249 dollars, at least for the Wi-Fi models only. 4.2.1 Android should be version at launch, but honestly this specification is pretty useless, because being a Nexus updates are the least of the problems, not to mention that if the Google i/o was presented a new version of the OS, is with what we expect to see him make his debut. Always according to the same source also, by the end of January will have been sold more than 6 million Nexus 7, 32 GB model with Wi-Fi only to Lord it. By the end of the year should reach 10 million, combining the sales of the first model and its successor, estimated that genuinely there also seems a bit ungrateful, considering the success so far from your tablet.

I mean, more than just a leak, the report by Digitimes resembles a hypothesis, we could make us and you almost with the same value. We consider it plausible, but by no means certain.