Arctic Fox Outdoor Wear

The Arctic Fox has one of Europe’s leading role in outdoor clothing and products. The company was founded in 1950 by the Swede Åke Nordin is not less than 21 countries. The goal of the Arctic fox is moving from the urban Wilderness easier and more fun especially with their products.Quality is important, and it shows in their products. The Arctic fox is recognizable by the distinctive Swedish flag that their products the_last_snake


The creation of the Arctic fox all began with an invention by Åke Nordin. He was the inventor of a revolutionary backpack frame. Before that time, most under no frames.Åke Nordin devised a wooden backpack frame, which makes it possible for more people to go with heavy loads. The name Arctic fox comes from the Swedish word for Arctic foxes. Åke Nordin was inspired by Fox, which also appears in the logo of Arctic fox is that this little animal is fully equipped for the cold conditions in which he lives.


Since 1950, there are many other products on the market under the name Arctic fox.
Backpack frame was further developed and 1960 alluminum framework came out on the market. The Backpack was therefore much easier and so outdoor activities was again comfortable. Later was the first to develop the so called Gyro-frame. Framework as ballast on the hips is supported rather than solely on his shoulders. They were also going on with tents, and they spent the first termotältet on the market in 1963, after many innovations followed in this area. After the thermal tent was soon followed by the thermal clothing, followed by many other clothing.

G1000 & Hydratic QI

Fjällräven coming in 1965 with both revolutionary new fabric, G1000. The dense fabric consisting of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, windproof and extremely durable. The strength of the fabric allows the body to escape the well and after applying a waterproofing spray also another water repellent. The fabric of these specificities, struck very well and is still one of the best selling materials, Arctic fox. The substance is mainly used for pants.

But in 2006, the Arctic fox came up with a new substance, Hydratic QI, a substance that adjusts to your body temperature. This means the extent to which the material exudes?? ?? adapts to your level of activity. If you are very active, your temperature rises, and the material will adapt more?? ??breathe. You are less active, cools your body temperature and the material will make you keep that body. It also ensures good drainage.


The Arctic fox is sitting with its production much in Asia. As everyone knows, the lower production costs here. But they are all strongly interested in working conditions in these countries. The Arctic Fox will only do business with companies in Asia, for example, who have signed a code of conduct on the Arctic fox. The code of conduct is based on the ILO conventions on the standards and rights at work and the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child.
Concretely, this means that the mostly Asian companies promise to follow the conditions such as Arctic fox. The explosion of the topics such as:

  • Slavenarij
  • Freedom of Association
  • Working environment
  • Human rights
  • Salary
  • Hours
  • Discrimination
  • National laws

To check all this have Arctic fox hired an independent control body to visit companies and ensure that they comply with the code of conduct.