Apple’s App Store Hit by Massive Attack

A large-scale attacks have hit Apple’s App Store. Situation is now under control Joins Apple.

Apple has strict requirements for applications and their features before they are let loose in their virtual app store App Store. The strict control has been bypassed through an imitation of Apple’s Xcode development software, which resulted in hundreds of infected apps, informs Reuters.

Laid down as the compromised version of XCode, dubbed XcodeGhost, works, is by saving a piece of malicious code in apps developed with the program.Developers who unsuspecting took advantage of it infecting program would therefore spread the malicious code.

The infected applications could also bypass Apple’s review process which usually ensures that inappropriate apps find their way into Apple’s App store. Before the malicious code snuck into, is only five malicious apps have been discovered on the App Store, according to security firm Palo Alto Networks.

Xcode is used to develop applications for both iOS and OS X.

Apple cleans up

Christine Monaghan, spokeswoman for Apple, said that today there are no more of the infected apps to find on Apple’s App Store: “We have removed all the apps from the App Store which is created with the malicious imitation of Apple’s software,” she assures.

At the same time, the company shall make every effort to ensure that developers are taking advantage of the correct version of Apple’s developer tools.

Apple, however, is not whether informs a tool will be made available to examine whether one’s unit is affected by the vulnerability. The company would not say how many applications are affected by security flaw.

The Chinese security company QiHoo Technology writes on their blog that they have discovered 344 hit apps, including the popular Chinese WeChat message app that counts over 600 million users, taxi-Kuaisi and Didi music-app application NetEase.