Apple Smartwatches

Once again, there is a large conference of All ThingsD’s colleagues, who are, of course, the great figures of the industries that are of interest to us. Among other things, Tim Cook was now talking, the current boss of Apple and therefore successor of the legendary Steve Jobs. Of course, Cook was also questioned about the competition called Google. He gave interesting statements, which were partly but not to be expected.

So Cook said to the Google Glass, the smart glasses of the search engine, that this is only a niche product. It was not built for the masses and certainly not suited for mass production. Cook sees a bracelet in the form of a smart watch rather than a mass product, but these devices must be more than just computers in a bracelet. He did not comment on rumors about iWatch, of course, but said the market was ready for research. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

And then it came to the most exciting topic. For how does the boss of Apple think about Android? As we expected, he is not wrong. Above all, Apple’s motto is class instead of mass or quality instead of quantity. And that is exactly what Android was doomed, as the statements from Cook. He emphasizes that Apple has never wanted to build the most successful PC, but the best PC. Apple also built the best MP3 player, which then became the most successful. And so it went on in the future, because Apple built for years also the best overall smartphone, which is until today the most successful device of its genre.

For Apple, it was never said that you have to have the most as the winner, on the other hand, the Apple boss has almost the same breath the excellent iPad market shares in North America as an example. As always, Cook also wanted to put its own company in the right light. On the other hand, you have to stand as an Android fan, that the overall quality of Apple is almost inevitably higher, because you have it still in its own control, which is inevitably due to Open Source is not.

We know, of course, that the tastes and opinions are different. Whats your opinion?