Apple Ready with New Update-iOS 7.0.4 Released

Apple has just released a new update for iOS 7, it now means the latest iOS update iOS 7.0.4.

Usually, Apple quickly out with small updates after a major release, and this is also the case after iOS 7.

Apple has, in fact, for this evening released iOS 7.0.4, which fills 37.8 MB for iPhone 5S.

The update offers bug fixes and improvements, as well as the solution to a problem where the FaceTime call failed for certain users.

You can wait until your device receives the update or search for the manually-this is done by going into the Settings-General-Software Update.

In addition to iOS 7.0.4, Apple has also released updates to iTunes U and iBooks applications, both of which are completely redesigned.

In addition, Apple also should have issued an update for among other things the generation iPod Touch, which does not support higher than iOS 6.