Apple and Samsung Makes Money-as the Only Mobile Manufacturers

The mobile phone industry is fierce and it is hard to make money, it is actually only Apple and Samsung who serve on their smartphones.

According to new figures from Canaccord Genuity, as are the harsh realities that every day meetings smartphone manufacturers all over the world, and it is in fact only Apple and Samsung, who make money on their smartphones.

Apple stood in the third quarter of this year for the whole 56 percent of all smartphone profits, while Samsung 53 percent-which was sitting on the wake reader will view lands at 109 percent of everything, it can be done because all other manufacturers lose money on their smartphone-production. It writes our site.

The greatest losses seen in the crisis-stricken Canadian producer, BlackBerry, as the last year has had to be beaten by both the iPhone, Android and now including Windows Phone.

It is expected that Apple will be stronger in the fourth quarter, since both iPhone and iPhone 5S 5S first has come on the market in the month of September.