Android Screen Capture, Capture Screen and Screencasts More Easily

Android Screen Capture It is a desktop application for Windows that makes it easy to capture the screen our Android Terminal. Although it is a very light application, we do not fight the uncomfortable task of installing the SDK, since that really relies on him to make catches. However, it provides some extra features that are very useful.

The key, we can capture the screen of our terminal without having to open the ddms application Development Kit. We can manually choose View want it in landscape or vertical. Changing the size of the window we also change the resolution of the captured image.

So far there is nothing that we can do with ddms. The first novelty is the of capture the screen in bursts. With the option “ Start capture ”, the application saves a capture every few tenths of a second until we say “ enough ”. Each screenshot is saved in PNG format. The only problem is that too well with the scroll, is not because the transmission rate of the terminal screen is rather low.

Another use of the application is that we can show full screen terminal screen in our monitor. This is perfect for a demonstration of our app. An example: while we use the app in the terminal, showed the result to our audience in real time with a projector.

In addition, with this function it is easy to combine with applications like Screenjelly or Camtasia for record screencasts of Android apps. You’ll see some jumps, but less da a stone.

Android Screen Capture is an application free open source, is in English and is only available for running on Windows. Remember that you need to have installed the SDK, as I have already told.

Updated: Joaquin cows warns us that it is possible to run it on Linux, downloading the zip instead of the exe. Thank you!