Android and Windows Phone in Growth-Falling iPhone-Sale

Apple’s competitors are coming with bigger screens and cheaper smartphones, why are both Android and Windows Phone in growth.

Both Android and Windows Phone is in growth, while it looks different for Apple, which does not quite produce the same good results. It shows the new figures from analyst house IDC.

The new figures from IDC shows that Android is clearly dominant in the smartphone market. In this year’s third quarter was 81 percent of the entire selling smartphones Android models, which is an increase from 74.9 percent in the same quarter last year. It writes our site.

Apple sees, however, seem to have lost a little foothold, as they fell to 12.9 per cent in the third quarter of this year against 14.4 percent last year.

Windows Phone, on the other hand, is in growth and that were sold 9.5 million Windows Phones in the third quarter of this year, which is an increase of all 156 percent compared to the same period last year-3.7 million were sold here. IDC has earlier predicted that they expect Windows Phone has 10 percent of the market in 2017.