Android 5.0: Nexus 5 And 6 Support RAW Format

Raw image data thanks to Android 5.0 Lollipop: as CNET reported, resourceful app developers have begun to use a new feature in Google’s operating system. It allows you to take pictures in RAW format with the Smartphone, what has been so far impossible. RAW images contain significantly more picture information and provide greater flexibility in the post-production.

So far, the RAW function was reserved to owners of digital SLR and compact cameras. However, with the arrival of Android this condition changes now 5.0 lollipop, according to At least for some selected devices. In the Smartphone world, there hardly devices supporting RAW format, now ever two Android devices have according to CNET the function: the Google nexus 5 and the nexus 6. In conjunction with the Android users can shoot now 5.0 lollipop update as well as the FV-5-app camera photos in RAW format. Here, the camera brings the complete image data after the digitization largely without processing on the storage medium. As a result, maximum flexibility is given.

RAW Images With Android 5.0: Pros And Cons

Android 5.0 Nexus 5 And 6 Support RAW Format

In addition to the aforementioned flexibility also the image quality is increased by the RAW format, because the photos with a higher color depth are stored. This occur, for example, finer gradations in the light and dark area. Since all image data is backed up, the feature allows more options in subsequent image processing. An obvious disadvantage of RAW image files, however, is that the more detailed image information need significantly more disk space than is the case for example in a heavily compressed JPEG file.

If and when other smartphone manufacturers tap into Android 5.0 buried function for storing RAW files with their camera apps that lollipop and so expose it, is not known.