All About The Smart Watch From Google

The wearables market promises to bill several million dollars over the next few years. And, as expected, Google had a surprise.

A few days ago, it was confirmed that the giant partnered with LG to produce the first smartwatches with operating system Android Wear 2.0. Then ruizesolar reveals all the details of these new smart watches here.


Although for the time being, it does not know its final design, it is expected that 2 models with circular OLED plastic displays and sensitive to the touch are released to the market. On these, it is spoken of a Sport model and another Style, and its characteristics would be:

M odelo Sport: 14.2 millimeters wide, dark blue and titanium. With IP68 certification, it guarantees its resistance to water and dust. It also has a heart rate sensor.

Model Style: 10.8 millimeters wide. It has interchangeable bands and is available in titanium, silver and rose gold. Its water and dust resistance is IP67 certified.


Both models have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but the Sport has a version with LTE connectivity, plus GPS and NFC.


Both models-powered by the Android Wear 2.0 operating system-are compatible with iOS. In addition, they have a digital crown similar to that of the Apple Watch, an element that looks like a traditional clock knob, but in this case serves to manipulate the new smartwatch Google when you do not use voice or touch controls.


The new Google smartwatch is integrated with Google Assistant, the virtual and intelligent assistant that the company made available to users to help them solve different problems.

Release date

According to the information, the new smartwatch Google is on sale in the United States from February 10, 2017, the day after its official launch. In the rest of the world it would be launched during March.

In addition to its design and overall appearance, the price is also unknown. Although it must be assumed that it must be competitive with respect to the devices of the competition, which although they have not just taken off as they wish, already havecustomers worldwide.