Advantages of LG G Watch

The filtered features LG G Watch reveal that might be facing a really powerful smartwatch

In recent days they have leaked a series of characteristics and peculiarities of future smarthwatch LG G Watch , the most serious commitment of the company to gain a foothold in the market for smart watches. Although we still can not confirm the authenticity of the leaks, everything seems to indicate that the device will be more powerful devices we’ve seen so far.

As we have seen in the list of filtering characteristics, it is expected that the LG G Watch available 512 MB of RAM LP-DDR2, a touch screen of 1.65 inches with 280 x 280 pixel resolution (240ppp) and 4 GB of internal storage. If so, this wearable Android would become one of the most powerful smartwatch market, because not only incorporate the aforementioned specifications, but in terms of connectivity would not go badly served.

The LG G Watch would have a connection Bluetooth 4.0 LE, running of course the Android Wear operating system designed by Google specifically for wearables devices with watch buying tips at In addition, we would find a number of applications, including one for taking voice notes through speech , or sensors to measure aspects of our daily life as calories burned or steps taken.

In addition, one of the most significant features of this smartwatch is its weight as it will be light enough to weigh only 61 grams, so it will seem to not bring anything on the wrist. Although if there is a real factor in any portable device that boasts, but much more on smart watches, is the battery life. The LG G Watch will give us up to 36 hours thanks to a lithium battery high power.

Battery LG G Watch will give us up to 36 hours of battery life, one of the most powerful we’ve seen so far in wearables

Unlike other smarthwacth that may require more time to complete the battery charge, the LG G Watch can do it in just two hours, a very good time when compared to other devices. This means that if it does not last the 36 hours estimated autonomy should not be a concern since in a few hours you’ll be back in operation.

LG puts the seal on this device with Android Wear trying to get a place in a market dominated by Samsung smartwatch market, but now this model of the LG brand with the Moto 360 is the most anticipated with google footprint devices.