Advantages and Quality of Oakley Eyewear

Oakley is a brand of sports glasses worldwide known for the quality of its products and for a bet on the sport.

Used by the vast majority of sport stars, Oakley’s sunglasses are based on a strong focus on research and development.They also have a futuristic design.

In the Glass Industry , we have the most modern and sophisticated models of sunglasses at extremely competitive prices.

Specially designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts, this brand’s eyeglasses combine excellent quality with the latest fashion trends.

What are the main advantages of Oakley sunglasses?

Because the materials are of great quality, the Oakley sunglasses are very sturdy and last for long.

In addition, Oakley sunglasses are made of materials designed to protect the eyes from any sports accidents.

In addition, most Oakley sunglasses feature polarized lenses.These lenses serve to protect vision from harmful UV rays from the sun.

Its special protection against the glare of the sun’s rays makes these glasses even more suitable for outdoor sports.

How did the brand come about?

Created in 1975 by the American Jim Jannard, Oakley gained fame thanks to a model of sunglasses.This model was called Eyeshade, with removable lenses and made mostly of plastic.

With the use of brand models by several well-known sportsmen, namely cyclists, the brand has become more and more popular.

In 2004, the brand signed a contract for the manufacture of glasses used in Fox Racing.This made the company a big step forward.

Three years later, the brand would be merged with the Italian multinational Luxottica, in a multi-million dollar business by then.