Adjust Lighting and Give Your Video Room More Power

If you are an admirer of what some call “the seventh art,” certainly home-made movie theaters have already been imagined by the imagination. But if for purely financial reasons your dream did not come true, maybe these tips will help you further improve the home video environment.

Adjust Lighting and Give Your Video Room More Power

Direct And Indirect Lighting

The room that houses the television set is usually also a space where friends and relatives get together to play chats outside. So, hardly the room that accommodates your movie player will be far from other parts; The light from the kitchen, the living room, or any other room will invariably invade the environment.

In order for you to make the most of your home cinema features, you should prevent light beams from reaching the TV directly. Also deflect any type of lighting facing the viewers. If eliminating all indirect lighting is difficult, try to use it in a reasonable way. For example, if the kitchen lamps share space with the room, try to keep your television a little way away from them.

The ideal, however, is to create separate and independent light zones in cases where several spaces communicate and affect, through the exchange of light between them, the cinema environment.Today, various lighting control devices are available on the market (with Maestro Wireless, a light intensity control unit that can be controlled by radio waves).

But if you buy a device capable of controlling the lighting of your rooms (which requires, in the most robust cases, all the exchange of the old lamp system) is not an option exactly adequate – at the very cost, at least two solutions can Be consulted.


A simple and reasonably priced device capable of varying the light intensity. Surely you’ve seen one of these in movies, hotels or even in older homes. They are circular knobs that control the average force of the electric current in a load, avoiding, in this way, tremors in the illumination.

Found at prices ranging from $ 15 to $150 a unit, dimmers can be easily installed in place of conventional light keys and provide, in a definitely easy way, light control of any environments.


The most taken for granted, beyond any doubt. Darken your movie room with the simple curtain close. Ready. If you do not get up during the movie to refill your soda glass or bag of popcorn, this is absolutely the best way to darken your video enclosure.

The prices of this alternative vary a lot, but it is possible to find blackout blinds (those that do not allow the passage of any lighting) for R $35-depending on the size, style and color of the utensils.

And how do you guide yourself through total darkness if the use of these curtains is made? From two, one: either you leave all the corridors and spaces that can be used free or purchase and install internal beacon lights – there for a slightly saltier price, which exceeds the house of the hundred reais.

What Kind Of Television Do You Use?

This is one of the most compelling issues discussed by technology lovers. As the purpose of this guide is not to talk about decoration or technical aspects of LED, Plasma or LCD screens, our suggestion is this: each person has their own preferences when using the TV. So select the screen that best fits your needs.

Whether it’s watching a good movie, playing for hours on end, or standing in front of the TV watching epic documentaries about, you know, aliens or about the social influence of potatoes in the world.Does not matter. The fact is this: if several types of televisions exist, it means that a diversity of people should use them.

So, for your answers to be duly obtained, check out our texts on ” how each of these screens works “and” what is the right TV for you.” If decorating tips are what you want to find, maybe the post about ” 12 fantastic movie theaters you can afford” can give you some inspiration.