A Suitcase with Just 15 Pieces?

Tomorrow we embark towards the soft sands and blue sea of Hawaii!I couldn’t be more excited, then, yesterday I spent the afternoon at the House packing my suitcase.

Then, talking to you in the Snapchat (those who already follow? Is jojouasz) I realised it could be cool to write a post provided straight which is usually my preparation process.

To start, I think I’ve said a few times that my main criteria in time to pack a bag (to wherever the target) is versatility.

The pieces need to match each other. This causes a smaller amount of income parts a much larger amount of looks. Here are some practical tips to make that happen:

Instead of dresses and overalls, preferably the separate pieces, like skirts, pants, shorts and blouses. They offer more possibilities for combinations.

Set a color palette for the trip and use as a filter to choose the pieces that go in the trunk. It will be easier to combine if all colors are in harmony.

Shoes take up a lot of space, so choose the pairs that will take.Prefer neutral tones and patterns that work well both for the day and the night.

Take a few options of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They usually occupy little space in the trunk and help transform the looks.

That said, I decided to add a few things that I’m going to take and see how many looks they surrendered. Just to illustrate that you can make a compact suitcase and very versatile. The looks of this post I used:

6 pieces of clothing

1 scarf

3 pairs of shoes

1 pair of sunglasses

1 pair of earrings

1 paste

1 Hat

1 visor

= 15 entries

Now that these pieces were able to render.

The White Blouse

Let’s start with the basics. Beach bag must have a white blouse. I chose the one that is a model half cropped, with v-neck and sleeveless because it is fresh and goes very well with high waist (I’m taking several).

Other than that, the Sissy is versatile. Just put a bikini underneath and combine with a cover that’s complete Beach look. Beach for a lunch? Just replace the cover by a running shorts. Want to be more fancy dinner by the sea? Just change the short by a pantacourt. Total white look chic on the latter (can use new year’s Eve!).

The Pantacourt

Speaking of pantacourt, this white model is very handy to leave the bag with more chiquezinhas options, but without exaggeration.

In addition to the all white look that we saw up here, you can bet on a golden blouse for a visual with little party (Christmas, new year, you decide) or combine with a bathing suit (sometimes body) for a look sexier with ballad atmosphere on the beach.

The Golden Blouse

We’re talking about a bag of summer, right? Because no combination could be more expensive in summer than white and gold, right? I chose this blouse because she has a pale golden tone that will very well overnight. Just join with the sarong or running shorts over the visor and the blouse becomes a touch of richness on the beach.

The Top Knitting

Oh, it’s the beach, huh? The knit top is perfect to wear with short skirts with yoke or simply play over the wet bikini.

Now I gave to realize the palette thing huh? White everywhere, a little bit of blue and a little bit of gold were chosen for the trip.

The Scarf/Canga

Nothing could be more versatile. I always take a tissue of these well big ones in the bag simply because they serve for everything! Can you tie around your waist and make longer or shorter skirts, you can tie in your neck, in your purse, in your head, and you can extend in the sand and be sitting there on top.

EITA as look! 9 Totalizamos looks completinhos. If you can’t spend a few days with this suitcase. And is so tiny that you don’t even have to move!