9 Things to Know About Eyelash Curler

All we know what the eyelash curler, beauty that tool you need to curl your eyelashes. But how many of you have used it at least once? Maybe in a few. If you want to start, these nine “notions” on the eyelash curler might find useful to know.

You can use it even with mascara

If you use mascara and eyelash curler together You will get some very nice results: first by a piegatina to lashes, then one or two coats of mascara. And you’re perfect!

Useful for those who do not put make-up

Bend the lashes helps to open the eyes and make it look bigger, even without make up.

Best to use it on the lashes without mascara

Why curving eyelashes after putting mascara there are two risks: the eyelashes may stick to the metal, tearing or bending rigidly forming a right angle instead of a curve.

It should be gently used

The eyelash curler is still a beauty makeup tool that involves a solicitation to our eyelashes. To this should be used gently, doing a quick and not too intense pressure.

Facts do not go wrong movements

When bending the lashes, they do not pull it out, as we can riaschiare epilation instant.

sate cold eyelash curler

The self-heating eyelash curler give good results, but if you are still inexperienced, use them so close to the eye, there is a risk of injury. Practice with a classic eyelash curler, and once acquired dexterity, pass well to the hot type.

The pads must be replaced

Especially when used on the eye already rigged, the rubber of the eyelash curler gets dirty easily.It should be cleaned once a week, with a cleaner for makeup tools and then rinsed thoroughly.

The eyelash curler are all different

Some have a more pronounced curvature or width greater. You must sceglire the eyelash curler suited to the shape of your eyes.

Must be of quality

It is not an absolute rule, but a piegaciglie quality – which costs a little more than others – will work better than others. When you purchase it, be careful to have a supply of rubber parts.