8 Ways to Incorporate the Tennis in Your Visual

Think tennis is only for use at the gym, or to get some exercise? You’re wrong! These shoes can be incorporated into different looks from day to day and even help to leave more sophisticated pieces that you rarely uses more casual and more practical.
Check out some tips on how to use your sports footwear with the clothes that are in your wardrobe:

Combine them with a colored dress glamorous

We know you’re always looking for ways to use that cute dress you have and sometimes even thinks he is too sophisticated for certain occasions, but if you mix this piece of clothing with a casual shoes, you can adapt your look for any situation.
Form this playful contrast with your shoes and your dress and have fun.

Contrast with a sleek coat

You know that coat that you just use to go somewhere sophisticated as a good restaurant or a theater? Well, stop using it once every year and incorporate it into your look of the day-to-day to do this, nothing better than to wear it with a shoe. You can be one without, or with shoelaces.
This contrast can be unexpected, but as long as your trainers are looking new and they are of a darker color, the look can be very modern.

Bet on metallic

Maybe you don’t feel good in matching the shoes that you book for use with your sweatshirt with more sophisticated clothes and that’s understandable. It may take you start getting used to the idea of such glaring contrasts.
You can smooth this transition by investing in more luxurious shoes, as the metallic, for example. Clothes and shoes will be in metallic high in 2016, both in summer and in winter, it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the trend.
This glamorous touch of these shoes will make you feel better in time to use them with a dress, a skirt, or a more formal jacket.

Combine them with pieces of fake fur

This tip is for winter this year: you dare! To make bold and fun combinations, use your shoes with a coat, or a piece of fake fur. You can keep the underside of casual clothing, with a dark skinny jeans and the top with all the sophistication that the “skin” can give.
Anyway, the sophistication of fake fur will elevate the level of randomness of their shoelaces shoes and will leave your modern and stylish.

Invest in platform tennis

If you think the visual athletic will never be your beach, bet on a different variety and use straight platforms. The highest soles add an extra touch to your casual jeans and your outfit of the day-to-day, but you’re right that you’ll buy a shoes without laces to keep you from looking like a Spice Girl. 90 years are gone for a long time.

Use them with leather

To get that girl look cool, combine this type of footwear with leather pieces. They can be pants, skirts, or jackets. The texture of the leather will elevate your visual to a territory and the shoes will keep that hint of casual in a way discreet.

Contrast with midi skirts

One of the best things of the trend of “sneakers” is that you don’t have to try very hard to combine it with other elements of your wardrobe. You might think that these shoes don’t suit skirts, for example, but here we are: choose your stylish skirts in dusty lack of use and combine them with the shoes to make a look suitable for any day, but be careful at the time of the mixture, not all gym shoes “are conducive to this.
For more ornate skirts, choose a minimalist footwear without laces and with one color. For the more soltinhas midis skirts, feel free to choose a more sporty shoes, always with a more casual sweater to balance with sophisticated skirt.

Try the subtle

If you haven’t got the guts enough to mix your sleepwear with their athletic shoes, then take a different path and more subtle. First, try to match your shoes with some clothes that you feel more comfortable. Bet on the casual “skirt and cardigan”, your summer dress or your jeans with blouse. These are gentler ways to incorporate sports footwear in your clothing, always maintaining the style and sophistication.