60s 70s 80s Fancy Dress Ideas

How to dress 60s, 70s or 80s for Carnival? In times of economic crisis we have to use ingenuity and so why not take advantage of our knowledge of fashion , mark it a bit’, and take a dip in the past years? You will not spend a lot because of the leaders present in your closet and all of your moms will have everything in the house, maybe you can arrange for time and buy an accessory particularly extravagant in some market vintage.

Let’s find out the style to be adopted to have a perfect look sixties, seventies and eighties! Since the sixties style we can see it every Monday night with Pan Am, I would say not to linger over and see some fashion lesson to be applied throughout the year and especially during Carnival, where everything is allowed and you will have no limits! Fashion years 60 the fashion is fabulous sixties, women were beginning to use the clothes to seduce, were beginning to dare with necklines and short skirts, with glam accessories like handbags, dresses and trousers from futuristic cuts. The sixties style is to Twiggy, Mary Quant and Audrey Hepburn and then shift dresses , A-line dresses colorblock and perhaps even the legendary bell-bottom pants, very very large. In the sixties makes his entrance also the famous miniskirt, the leader who has revolutionized the way of being a woman, femininity and also the will to dare and break the mold. A Carnival can mark these trends, you can avoid applying the simple rules of good taste that much declaimed every day, and give vent to your side more tamarro! 70 years Fashion Fashion Seventies is one that sees the triumph of the prints, maxi flowers, texture geometric and colorful but always by strictly vintage mood. The leaders of the seventies are easily found in stores but also in the markets, you will see that it is more than likely the best advice may dispensarveli your mothers, are the ones who quarreled with their fathers for the first jeans! In the seventies also triumph wedges and platform shoes that slender and that stand out especially under the skirts.

Green light even hats in style flower children, and colored maxi bijoux and then the maxi glasses with rimmed thick panda effect. Fashion 80 The eighties are those of punk style, leather, studs, big hair and outfits that range from total denim skin all over, from cycling trousers to jeans with floral embroidery. The eighties style is closest to all of us and that we can find more easily even at home, I’m sure that even your mothers often try to leave the house with coats and jackets with big shoulder pads! The look of the concert Madonna of those years must be the first point of reference, then leather jackets, fishnet stockings and shoes with high heels (preferably boots) and lots of jewelry, sneakers with socks, leg warmers, the mythical leather belts of El Charro and possibly fingerless glove leather. Exaggerated following these simple rules and you will see that your carnival costumes will be absolutely perfect and if you are brave, even low cost!