6 Essential Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

That woman does not dream of having a healthy pregnancy, doesn’t it? After receiving the positive result, many take some measurements, how to quit smoking and drinking, but this is just the first step. After all, you’re taking care of you and someone else too!

6 Essential Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

Here are some steps you can follow to have a tranquil pregnancy, both in the physical sense as emotional. Come on?

1. Do not open the hand of prenatal care

If you want to have a real follow-up in this period, don’t forget that prenatal care is the essential step. Choose the doctor that you prefer and select your query. You can ask for recommendations to their friends, because this is a very important choice. Well, once chosen, see the care you need, if your body is ready or have any shortage of vitamins, for example. So, you look a lot better to raise the baby with tranquility.

2. Have a better power supply

Everything that you eat can directly affect the developing baby inside you. If you’ve ever cared about healthy eating before I found out I was pregnant, has even more special care during this period. For best results, you can find a nutritionist or doctor, but the important thing is the diet rich in vegetables, vegetables, fruit, wholegrain and proteins.

This care also involve a careful analysis before eating anything, because food can be contaminated, increasing the risk to reach the baby. Avoid eating raw or undercooked meat, due to the risk of toxoplasmosis, wash the vegetables and fruits, and the hands too. The more careful you have, the less need to worry about!

3. Do physical activities

Exercise in the period of gestation is a great way to have the strength you need for this period many changes in your body. With this practice, you can better control the weight and to deal with back pain because of the increase of the belly, which can even help at the time of delivery. In addition, physical activity improves your mood, since that release serotonin, giving a feeling of lightness and well-being.

But, of course: it pays to be careful about the sports that will practice. No activity with very physical contact where you can fall or be impacted in the belly. Give preference to options such as Aqua aerobics, pilates and hiking; and dress well with proper maternity clothes, like those from Bestaah.

4. take time off

Some gestation periods are marked by very tired and sleepy, so follow the rhythm of your body and get lighter. Take a break for a few hours a day if you can take a NAP after lunch, preferably with your feet up, even better!

5. Do not take medication without prescription

Forget the habit to self-medicate. For every drug that you think of take, is very important, before, ask your doctor if you can. If you want to take all questions at once, make a list of what you take (to headache, colic, allergies etc.) and see if you can take it whenever you require. So, you’re not doing anything out of the statement.

6. Drink less coffee

Coffee and soft drinks are made with glue, being very stimulating. So, try to control the consumption of these liquids, which may bring problems in the period of pregnancy. The maximum amount you should take are three small cups of coffee a day.

If you want to follow the flow and know the solution to its four major questions about pregnancy, be sure to click here. So, you will inform better about how to act during this period, right? We found ourselves soon! Even more!