50% of All iPhones Updated to iOS 9 after 3 Days

Apple beats all previous records with the update to iOS 9, as after only 3 days is rolled out to every other iPhone on the market.

Apple manages to not only broadcast the latest software for its iPhones as the fastest, but strikes at the same time, also its own records.

After iOS 9 was broadcast Wednesday on 16.September, should the California information technology giant just use 3 days to achieve a distribution on the whole 50%. Never before has Apple released its new iOS software so quickly, as is the case this year.

It is clear from a press release, the company has issued in connection with sales beginning in some countries on Friday.
By way of comparison, it took, according to the analysis since Mixpanel Trends Apple a month and 5 days to achieve the same high prevalence of last year’s iOS 8, where after 7 months had spread to 81% of all iPhones worldwide.

Latest Android version on each fifth unit

You look at archrival, Google, with manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, ASUS, Motorola and Huawei in the back, it looks not so good. 9 months after the rollout of the first Android Lollipop-version (5.0) and the subsequent version 5.1 runs only on 20%, or one in five Android device.

It is thus in stark contrast to Apple’s lightning-fast deployment, as can be done with the significantly fewer number of units, and that Apple is in full control over both hardware and software.