5 Pedagogical Toys for Children’s Day

The children’s day is already coming, do you already know what will present your child, nephew, grandchild or some special little one? If the doubt still takes hold, a very special tip is the pedagogical toys . They, in addition to entertaining the kids, also contribute to their development, learning words and numbers, to work on patience and motor coordination.

This is a kind of gift that brings more quality to the children’s leisure time, after all, you will be stimulating creativity and allowing boys and girls to create fun jokes.

See 3 Key Tips For Choosing The Pegagogic Toy For Your Child!

Pay Attention To The Age Of The Child

In order for a pedagogical toy from babyinger to really contribute to the child’s development, it is important that the choice takes into account the child’s age. Because a 1-year-old will not be able to play with a 3-year model. Already the group of the band of the 3 years is no longer interested in the toys of the little ones.

Pay Attention To Safety

Check carefully that the toy is safe for children, so choose only good quality products certified by Inmetro. Also, avoid small parts that can be swallowed, especially by younger children.

Avoid Choosing Only By Appearance

Not always the most colorful and beautiful toy is best for the development of the child. So, look closely at what features the product offers and what skills it helps to develop, that is, the learning the educational toy brings to the little ones.

Check Out 5 Tips On Teaching Toys

1. Smart Key

contributes to stimulate the senses and motor skills of children with their different sounds. In addition, it has vibrant colors and the rhythm of the melodies is contagious.

2. Super Cube of Discoveries

It has 13 building blocks, which teach the alphabet and, when inserted in the electronic compartment, the lyrics are reproduced vocally in Portuguese. Also comes with five piano keys, a numeric keypad and a telephone set with sounds and lights.

3. Learning To Play

Mattel’s Laugh & Learn booklets teach shapes, colors, numbers, and teach counting. There are two different booklets in the assortment. The two emit sounds.

4. Baby Driver

It has flashy colors, lights and different sounds that intensively stimulate curiosity and the development of vision, hearing, creativity and imagination.

5. Intelligent Jungle Animals

This little creature makes crunching noises, with three buttons that light up, sound effects and fun and charming melodies.