5 Dresses for Plus Size Women

Our store was founded six years ago to offer plus-size women fashionable, elegant clothes. With a wealth of expertise in the large-size range, the designers have now designed 5 dresses for the 5 figurine types-which is the right thing for every woman body.

Dresses for Plus Size Women

Find now the perfect basic dress for plus size women at HOTICLE.COM.

The A-Dress

Women who belong to the so-called A-type have a feminine figure and are narrow at the top, while the hip part is pronounced.

Therefore, the perfect dress for the A-figure should underline the advantages (slim arms and waist as well as well-shaped legs) and in the hip, buttocks and thigh area-like this Skater basic model.

Waisted dresses with a slightly flared skirt that emphasize the body center while they are flattering below are the perfect choice.

Plus Size Waisted Dresses

The H-Dress

The H-type has a straight silhouette with shoulders and hips, which are equally wide, and a barely pronounced waist. Such women do not have to balance any proportions, but they can try to accentuate the waist a bit.

The key to dress the H-figure stylish are clear, straight or even asymmetrical lines-as in this dress in the various seams or at the neckline.

The designers have placed the dividing seams so that they perfectly underline the H-type. They thus accentuate the barely pronounced waist in the figurative fit of the dress.

Plus Size Straight Dress

The O-Dress

O-figurines are slender legs, shackles and wrists as well as narrow shoulders and your cleavage are your trademark and in  your body center you are the widest.

The most common mistake the O-types commit is to try to hide the figure with wide clothes. Your perfect dress should draw attention away from the belly and towards your chocolate sides. Put the focus on your stunningly beautiful legs and your seductive cleavage.

With this dress your narrow upper body is emphasized and through the width on average the belly part skilfully plays around. It is feminine and emphasizes knees, calves and ankles.

Plus Size Dress

The V-Dress

The V-figurine is characterized by a broad upper body with strong upper arms and lush upper, a narrow hip and slender legs. Your styling goal should be to balance the proportions between your upper and lower body.

Your perfect dress is a wrap dress. Wrapped dresses or wrap-around gowns perform true miracles with a full-body upper body or wide shoulders because they optically lengthen the neck part through the v-neck and thus take it to the width while emphasizing the décolleté stylishly feminine. In addition, loose and feminine sleeves are used to change the upper arms.

At the bottom, the model is slightly flared and balances the proportions.

Plus Size Wrap Dress

The X-Dress

The X-type (or “the hourglass silhouette”) with large breasts, a slim waist and female hips is the epitome of femininity.

Your perfect dress should proudly present these benefits. This works best with figurative bodycon cuts, princess and dividing seams, which emphasize the silhouette, as well as integrated shaping effect as with this model the very best.

The expressive square neckline is also ideal for staging your décolleté without dressing up irritably.

Plus Size Bodycon Dress

Extra Tip: The Right Underwear

Clever shapewear shapes the silhouette and now shapewear does not mean inconvenience, often the opposite, because you feel more comfortable with it.

The right bra is just as essential: take the time to find your perfect size and fit. The right bra can work miracles, while the wrong can ruin any beautiful dress. And the days when Lingerie functionality went ahead, luckily, have long been a thing of the past, as our lingerie proves.