40 Decorations for Wedding Tables

The decorations for wedding tables 2017 is increasingly valued, since it can be crucial to make the celebration even more lively and full of life, tearing many compliments from the guests. But see this article also pictures and ideas that can help you decide which type of decorations for your wedding to ideal.

40 Decorations for Wedding Tables 2017

In some cases, the wedding decorations can be as important as the choice of the bride’s dress, for example, demanding a lot of attention and care of the bride and groom, to set right the details about the party.

And in the midst of so many elements that must be furnished at the party, the wedding tables should make special attention because it is in them that the guests will spend the greater part of the celebration.

If you are in doubt about How to decorate wedding tables, the tip is to stay on top of the latest news on the subject, taking advantage of some of the trends to create an unforgettable wedding party.

One of the items that can not miss is the wedding tablecloth. The suggestion is to opt for light-colored fabrics that combine with almost any kind of party, whether during the day or night, summer or winter, unless the conclusion has some specific theme, requiring darker shades.

The cutlery used in the decoration are also important to why you should definitely do more than perfect combinations. Generally the same flatware with the cable type “cristal” are the most suitable and the best is that it works with any color, style and theme.

In wedding table decoration 2017, other highly valued items are candles and candlesticks, which add charm and elegance to the environment, especially if they have a golden tones.

Flower pots are also a good to decorate the table (the flowers can also be in bottles, instead of the vessels, for a retro style party). But in this case, don’t forget to choose flowers with smell not so strong because exaggerated odors can cause discomfort in some people.

Pictures of Wedding Table Decorations

Among the 2017 wedding table decoration trends in dictfurniture, another highlight is the boho chic style, which is on the rise, combining simple and rustic elements, such as antique furniture, wooden parts and crystals.

A tip to reduce spending is to bet also on decorating with recyclable items, which can be used not only on the table as in the whole space of the party, creating a distinctive environment.

Check out, then, more photos of 2017 for wedding table decoration.

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