28 German Watch Brands You Should Know

The Watch magazine Compendium 2017 illuminates brands of a. Long & Sons to Zeppelin.

The new Watch magazine special German watch brand compendium 2017 shows 28 German watch brands and a manufacturer of watch Winder in portrait as well as with their collections and individual products. Together this gives an extremely current overview of the current watch events in Germany.

Besides the big names from Glashütte like a. Long & Sons, Glashütte original or Nomos Glashütte appear traditional brands such as Junghans or Dugena and those that occupy niches such as Alexander Shorokhoff, UTS or Meistersinger–a very interesting and delightful mixture with so many Surprise. Compiled and brought up to date by the Watch magazine editorial Office, the Compendium 2017 works out the profiles of the brands and highlights the focal points in their collections.

The Watch magazine special German Watch brands–the Compendium 2017 is the only anthology in the world that brings together and introduces 29 German brands. Here, every watch lover is guaranteed a brand that offers timepiece according to his personal preferences.

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