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Check Out the 10 Best Headphones from Sony in Brazil

Sony is one of the top manufacturers of headphones in the world and is strong in this segment also in Brazil.There are models available for all tastes, whether headsets, dampers, wireless or wired.

Six tips not to break the headset and use it for longer.

Prices can also vary widely, so if you are looking for a brand new Japanese brand handset, you are likely to find one that fits your budget.Check out the best Sony headphones on the national market and choose the right one for you. Continue reading

Decoupage Candle Decoration in Your Wedding

Planning and preparing a wedding is not easy at all. There are many details, many options and most of all, many choices to make. It is a fact, that every marriage must have a face, an identity of its own that will be marked in the memory of all those present. This identity, which can be considered the trademark of the marriage, need not only be beautiful and well made, it needs to have the face of the couple, reflect their personalities. Continue reading

Looks with Skirt Sino the New Fashion Sweetheart

Being the darling of the 2014 fashion the Saia Sino will continue to be successful in 2015,and as its features bring the cut more evenly to hip height or even below these, when they widen through frills of various shapes and widths.

The model comes to value the woman’s body and can be used in various lengths, from the most short to the midis, but all of them allow a very elegant and charming look. Continue reading

Tailored with AW Bauer-Part I

Is it that we childishly interested in tailoring and craftsmanship behind a tailor-made product has not infrequently a garment from Swedish AW Bauer on the wish list. The old tailor’s Studio at Brunnsgatan in Stockholm last year, celebrated 150 years of quality and craftsmanship of the highest level. At the end of last year launched a new business partner for their custom shirts and we had the opportunity to evaluate the service. Continue reading

Apple Smartwatches

Once again, there is a large conference of All ThingsD’s colleagues, who are, of course, the great figures of the industries that are of interest to us. Among other things, Tim Cook was now talking, the current boss of Apple and therefore successor of the legendary Steve Jobs. Of course, Cook was also questioned about the competition called Google. He gave interesting statements, which were partly but not to be expected. Continue reading

Design for Little Money: Honor8 in Smart phone Test

I am a child of the nineties and I am not proud of it. This is mainly due to the fact that my lasting memories come from abysmal bad music and massively passive boxing legends. Therefore, I am not surprised that I always have to think about the name honor of Henry Maske and his fight against Graciano Rocchigiani, initiated by Sarah Brightman’s “A Question of Honor”. 

But I digress and, strictly speaking, the current smart phone -Highlight Honor 8 isalso much more exciting than box debacle of the nineties. Why? Key words such as dual camera, 2.5D glass and quick charging function, together with the seemingly unbeatable price of currently 399 euros, are a clear challenge to the high-priced competition. Whether the Honor 8 can also score behind the facade, my test will show. In this sense: For the brave. Continue reading