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LG We Will Teach This Week a Screen 5 Inch Flexible OLED

LG has sent a press release informing about its new 5 inch screen, OLED, which defines as “unbreakable”. In it we are told that they will teach in the 2013 SID (Society for Information Display), an annual event on screens that takes place this week.

The truth is that we have good bit about technical specifications, since we’d like to know your screen resolution, to check on which numbers moves a screen with a certain degree of flexibility, with regard to which we already have on the market. Continue reading

LG Optimus GK Ready for Korean Market

Have asked us on several occasions that you want to be informed about Oriental products, which possibly not see the light in our territory, because today we have a proof of this, although in the case of the LG Optimus GK, we do not rule out a version of the same.

First appeared the LG Optimus G, you can know in detail thanks to our analysis, a few months presented us a version larger and enhanced with the surname Pro, because now, for the Korean market, launched the LG Optimus GK, with the best of the Korean House. Continue reading

LG Optimus F5 Began His European Career

They taught us in the past, Mobile World Congress, but it was high time that the new Optimus F family arrived to the market. New Android phones will be positioned above the L series, and below the flagships Korean, recognized by the letter G, which recently premiered.

The first model that will do so is the LG Optimus F5, which appears in Europe on 29 April, or what is the same thing, tomorrow. We don’t have specific details of its launch in Spain, but we know that in France if it is available (also in South and Central America). We will be attentive to new information regarding. Continue reading

LG Optimus G Vs. Nexus 4, Comparison between Brothers of Factory

With the arrival of the LG Optimus G in Spain, many of which you are now in the search for a new smartphone have hesitated between it and his brother’s factory, the 4 Google nexus.

We are going with a comparison complete between these terminals, two of the more affordable phones within the high range. We will try to resolve the million-dollar question: what advantages does the Optimus to justify “no discount” price against which offers Google? Continue reading

LG Optimus G, The Information

LG Optimus G reach Spain. You may have guessed it reading about their prices with Vodafone, and although it is also true that it is already available with other operators (Orange and Yoigo) course ago Act of appearance in your free version, now available for 599 euros.

Finally and after a wait of several months, LG Optimus G It’s a powerful and attractive phone characterized by that screen of 4.7 inches. We could a priori expect that it shared many of the features of the Nexus 4, also manufactured by LG, and in a sense so is. However, improvement in some points and worse at others. Which ones? Let’s get to it. Continue reading

Smartphones of Large Screens, with Which Te Quedas?

With the confirmation of the new Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 inch screen those seeking smartphones with screens beyond 5.5 inch they already have other two alternative, apparently more economical than others which we already knew.

But out of the sheer size of the screen the decision to purchase one of these smartphones also requires a look at other important aspects such as its processor, memory, resolution, connectivity, or battery to meet it in a table the more attractive alternatives. Continue reading

LG Optimus G2 Could Also Use Its Powerful Snapdragon

We speak of the Snapdragon 800. And talk about a rumor, of course, so as always we will have to take all this information with tweezers. A series of benchmarks on a new phone from LG has uncovered since a few hours ago, the G2 Optimus, that could be the next ship company logo.

These benchmarks bring to light some interesting information. Among it the using a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, more specifically the MSM8974, so far the only 800 made official and comprising four cores Krait 400 could work to the 2.3 GHz., and which would be accompanied by a 330 Adreno GPU. Continue reading

Fabric Bag Trend

The stock market is an indispensable accessory in female costume, whether for your utility or simply for the beauty that she can bring the look if used the right way. And no shortage of models for all tastes and pockets, but the simplest options as the fabric and craft works are back in full force in recent years and are in high fashion trends.

Continue reading

Tips: The Ideal Toy for Every Age

You can pick the right gift for the kids?

Many parents have questions about the ideal toy to give the children. Up to what age play dolls? Pushchairs should be replaced by Board Games in which phase? Experts give an important Tip: Watch the stimuli for each year of life. This helps in development and provides safe fun.

Continue reading

LG Tries to Overtake Samsung in The Race by Launching The First Flexible Screens

Samsung He showed us a few months ago by what may be able in a few years with their mobile devices thanks to the Samsung YOUM concept, based on possible devices with flexible screens.

It seems to be that in LG (competitor and Korean neighbor of Samsung [here insert reference to Kim Jong – a]) they are somewhat shaken with the news and are recently stepping on the accelerator to advance to Samsung to be the first to launch flexible screens in a final product, as it makes us clear Korea Times. Continue reading

LG Is Not Working on 5 Nexus, But Does Not Rule out a Future Collaboration with Google

An officer of LG He pointed out that at the moment the company has no plans to create another smartphone the Nexus family in collaboration with Google, something that confirms that the hypothetical Nexus 5 will not be developed by the company.

Won Kim, Vice President of LG Mobile in Europe, indicated that Despite the production problems, Nexus 4 has become a great success. And however, emphasizes, “we don’t need a success of marketing like that again”. Continue reading