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Interview with The CEO of Telstra in Its Third Birthday: Past, Present and Future

December is the month in which Yoigo compliance years and his advisor celegado, Johan Andsjö, He has been answering questions in a video chat for the ABC newspaper which we will summarize here but not before thank your participation in this type of meetings before the risk to receive harsh criticism from less satisfied users. Continue reading

The Cycling Goes To University

“The role of science in high yield” is the theme of the Colloquium, organized by the Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo, that will bring together experts from the University of Coimbra and the Centre Mapei next Tuesday, in the city of the Mondego.

The initiative is part of the Portuguese cycling Federation project to create a centre of training evaluation and control, in the Centre of high yield of Anadia, project that requires sharing of knowledge and experience of multidisciplinary teams.

The Colloquium next Tuesday, open to students of the University of Coimbra, to other researchers and coaches of cycling 3 level, will be held in the Auditorium of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Science and technology, University of Coimbra, at 11:30. Continue reading

Telstra Launches New Rate “Internet to Go” Prepaid

From 6 may, Yoigo adapts your fare to surf the internet from your computer to your customers from prepaid card so far, “Internet to go”, was exclusively for contract users.

In February, Telstra decided to eliminate the main attraction hire rate without permanence “ Internet to go from contract ” but now returns to the fray by presenting a new prepaid option for sporadic users who don’t want to stays of any kind. Continue reading

Cycling is In The Bike

The CNEMA in Santarém, will be the meeting point of the Portuguese cycling for three days between Friday and Sunday. In addition to the exhibition of the latest models of bikes, equipment and components, there will be several sports activities, many of which Portuguese cycling Federation initiative. Continue reading

Telstra Improves Your “Internet to Go”

Seems obsolete mobile Yoigo internet monthly rate is updated as of March 18 improving the conditions of its “ Internet to go ” both new and existing customers.

The monthly fee will remain 25 euros but will increase included traffic to 3 gigabytes per month matching as well to the one offered by Movistar and Vodafone, but still below the 5 GB offered by Orange, and Simyo. Continue reading

Vintage Wedding Motto Travels

In order to personalize your wedding personally and to “impress your stamp” a wedding motto is ideal. For all Globetrotter and Reiselustige is the beautiful wedding motto travels. This is easy to implement, your ideas will surely be so bubbling.

You can get inspiration from this Fotostory, which mixes the rice theme with the trendy vintagelook.From the invitation to the decoration to the wedding cake are so charming suggestions! Continue reading

Telstra Puts Its Internet to Bring Permanence and Descataloga 2 Rate

A year ago that Yoigo announced the limitation of your calls to 0 cents per minute to 1 hour per day in its rate “ of 0 ” breaking with its real truth and disappointing to many by to worsen conditions that continues to be one good rate.

A year later and after other changes minor that they didn’t like everyone as the rise of international calls or the change of coverage of support of the Movistar Vodafone, Telstra decided to descatalogar your rate 2 (in contract and card). Continue reading

Plus Size Woman Styles

It was already the time when only skinny women had, nowadays the fashion is super eclectic, that is, it has for all tastes, styles, sizes, ages and pockets, so, no matter what your body type, you can Celebrate, because fashion is for you, it’s for everyone! So the tip is to stay inside how to use the trends of the season in your favor, valuing your body and making your productions even more charming, and this is what we show here, how to take advantage of some characteristics of plus size women to value their attributes. Continue reading

6 Wedding Order Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is already there and it is clear that the romanticism and the will to surprise the loved one is raised.Many young men take advantage of the mood surrounding this day to ask for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage and buy the engagement ring but are lost when they think about how they will make the request for a wedding.That’s why we selected 6 inspiring wedding request ideas according to the bride’s personality!(I.e. Continue reading

Tips For Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Between walks to the bathroom at midnight, a fast-paced mind, leg cramps, heartburn that keeps you upright, a bouncing metabolism that is keeping warm-up on even when it’s off and the inability to be comfortable when you’re sporting a ball Of basketball in its cross section, it is no wonder you can not settle for a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, insomnia is definitely a good preparation for those nights of course that you will find as a new mother, but that does not mean you have to spend it lying down. Try the following tips to summon “João Pestana”: Continue reading

Telstra Launches a New Monthly Data Fee and a USB Modem

Telstra continued disappointing us to modify its rates even though it was almost to be expected since mobile networks are not yet prepared to support large amounts of data generated completely unlimited mobile internet rates.

The good news is that Yoigo launches its modem USB Huawei e220 No permanence for €39, but only in the form of contract and associated with the new monthly data rate that charged the first giga €25 and additional traffic to 1.5 cents/MB up to a maximum of € 70 per month where the service will be cut to avoid surprises on Bill. In addition, the speed will be limited to a maximum of 384 Kbps during the first giga and 128 Kbps the rest of traffic. Continue reading

Necklaces That Adorn the Back

At the ceremony of the Oscar winning the 2013, two golden statuettes took the stage to receive their awards with an interesting styling trick: the necklaces worn by they were purposefully backward, adorning the back! Anne Hathaway wore a more classic version, voluminous and close to the neck, while Jennifer Lawrence wore a long and delicate gold-bead and bright, coming down the back. This proposal of the jewel reversed adds glamour and can make all the difference in a production. Continue reading

Thun Christmas Decorations

Who hasn’t heard of Thun, raise your hand! Thun is famous for its unique style, sweet and tender, very joyous and reassuring. Produces lots of household items, of different types. Are part of the collections the party favors, decorative objects, clocks, the series of angels, decoration, jewellery, Christmas with the famous Nativity scenes and much more.

Continue reading