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All Types of Wearable Os like Google Shocked Us in The I/O? Engadget Android Questions

Earlier this month we told you about how he had begun to rumors that Google could get the potential of Android Wear chest showing your I/o new wearables that it ensure that they will be a surprise. The weeks have passed and we’re three days into the Keynote of Google, so it is time to place bets.

With what kind of wearable would you like Google shocked us in the I/o? Continue reading

Yes, There Will Be 5.0 Android Lollipop for The Samsung Galaxy Note II and The Galaxy Alpha

Every time you a new update for Android drama repeats on arrival, or not, of these versions. It is always the solution of the ROMs, it is true, but nobody likes that they forget their mobile or tablet. Samsung and Lollipop already had confirmed his arrival in most high end phones.

Now, through several subsidiaries of Samsung, we know that two terminals will be added to the list. On the one hand the Samsung Galaxy, Alpha phone that went on sale in the last quarter of 2014. For another, Samsung Galaxy Note II. The second generation of its phablets and the maturation of a category that year after year has been gaining more prominence. Continue reading

“We Have The Lower Failure Rate of Market” Interview with Carlos Cano Alcatel

Probably the first mobile phone not smartphone, which you had out of Alcatel. Those One Touch marked an era, but the French manufacturer didn’t end take the proper course to adapt, years later, to the trends of the market. Now, the hand of a Chinese manufacturer, they have re-emerged to become great again.

Their strategy is clear: use a mark to which many remember fondly and launch affordable terminals with modest specifications. At the moment you have done well and this 2015 seem to be more focused than ever in making accessible mobile phones worldwide without having to make large investments. Continue reading

The Idol 3 of Alcatel Also Are “Vaccinated” against Stagefright, Will Arrive on August 10

Stagefright takes more than one week currently hovering around Android, a security flaw that compromises the functioning of the devices and that is relatively easy to use to override them. Aware of this, and despite few efforts by some to upgrade their terminals software, manufacturers are already moving tab to fix the last hole known platform.

Yesterday, we saw how Google announced monthly updates to its Nexus in order to go plugging security flaws. Samsung will also do the same with their more powerful devices, although curiously was an American operator who made the announcement. Now, Alcatel joins and warns that the Idol 3 will receive a patch software Stagefright from next August 10. Continue reading

Archos 2 GamePad Analysis

If you are one of those who recognize that Android is a great platform to play and seduces him the idea to be able to do so in a 7 inch screen with physical checks Archos 2 GamePad comes as a good option.

This device is a hybrid between an Android tablet of 7 inch and a gamepad itself since it integrates traditional physical checks of the latter in the framework and mapping software that allows you to control practically all games on the market. It comes as the natural evolution of Archos Gamepad and the improvements are more than tangible in terms of design and performance. Continue reading

TP Vision Announces Its First TVs Philips with Android and Google Play

Since the end of last year is is rumored that Google could give close to Google TV to be replaced by something similar to Android TV, and after months without knowing anything, TP Vision announces its first surprise TVs Philips Smart TV “powered by Android”.

It’s new models of the new series 8000 of the Philips Ambilight TV with Android that it will go on sale in Europe from the second quarter of this year. They are the series 8100 and 8200, both will have 109 and available in 48 “and 55” 8209 models Full HD and quad-core processor, and the series 8800 4K Ultra HD (3, 840 x 2, 160 pixels), currently with an 8809 55 “and six-core processor model. At the moment all these models have 2.7 GB of memory available to install applications. Here you can see all its features. Continue reading

Multimedia Base for Sony Car Will Be Available in May for 250 Euros

It was one of the surprises of Sony in the past CES in Las Vegas in January, and is that none of the leading phone manufacturers had worried about integrating their smartphones into car multimedia system.

The XPS-N1BT Sony is an adapter that is installed in any vehicle that have a double DIN standard compliant, and which serves as a basis for stand on it our smartphone and use it as a multimedia system car. Continue reading

Lumix CM1, Detailed Information about The Camera Panasonic Android

Direct from Photokina the new camera comes Panasonic Lumix CM1 as a hybrid between the world of the compact and smartphones.

It’s a camera that works on Android and mounted the latest in mobile hardware, Snapdragon 801 – 4.7 inches FullHD, in addition to a large photo sensor, 1-inch, 20 megapixel equivalent in size to the cameras like the Sony RX100 II or Nikon 1. Continue reading

Motorola Moto E 4G, The Information

Manufacturer Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, has just presented at society expected renewal your device’s range of input with the official announcement of the new bike E with 4G connectivity.

The new one Moto E 4G, or Moto E (2nd Gen.) is represented as a complete renovation of the model launched last year, since it improves in power, storage, add a front-facing camera, and grows in size of screen, which passes from the 4.3 inches to 4.5 inches, keeping the resolution. Continue reading

ZTE Launches Spro 2, The New Version of Its Android Projector

As well as last year, ZTE presented its first Android projector at CES 2014, this year has done the same with its successor, the Spro 2. This device will include improvements such as the possibility of automatically focus and make streaming from the Google Play Store applications Since external drives such as SD cards or USB sticks.

The device will allow us to project images of up to 120 inches with resolution of 720 p and a brightness of 200 lumens. You will have HDMI and Wi-Fi connections, and also allows us to connect up to 8 devices with 4 G LTE networks. Continue reading

What Watches Have WiFi and Will Benefit from The Upgrade of Android Wear? a Few

This week we have seen that Android Wear will receive a major update. In addition draw emojis with your finger and have always open applications, we can connect WiFi with clock to not use Bluetooth and thus give more independence to our clock which can connect to other networks. An important step at the level of software but where will the current hardware not accompany always. Continue reading

Android Wear 1.1 Application: Match Various Watches, Wi-Fi, Calendars of Any Account and More

While watches Android Wear they hope that during the next few weeks they begin to upgrade to the new version of the operating system which adds always on applications, support WiFi, new gesture, new launcher application and emojis from today users who have any of these smart watches because you can update the application partner of Android Wear to enjoy already some news. Continue reading

Google Announces New Features for Android Wear: Always-On Applications, WiFi and Emojis

Long ago we talked about how Google was going to upgrade Android Wear to introduce support for WiFi. Finally those rumors will be certain and the next update of this platform for wearables will allow us to use wireless connections of this type. That Yes, It will not be the only change that will bring this version.

Google forward us in its official blog what will be the changes that we will see soon in our Android Wear watches. In addition to having WiFi connectivity, can have applications with the screen turned on at all times and always have them at hand and spending less energy. Let’s see how it works. Continue reading

LG Patented a Hybrid between Mobile and Watch That We Reminded The Fallout Pipboy

Before launching campaigns on the fly should remember that the fact that a company patent new technology It doesn’t mean that you go to market it immediately. In fact on many occasions are just ideas or face the future projects on those who do not want that competition can tell you.

Having said that, we cannot but surprise us end that LG seems to be willing to take its flexible technology, since last week patented a device that was a sort of hybrid between mobile and watch, with fully flexible body, and able to adapt to our doll to become a kind of smart cuff. Continue reading

TAG Heuer Says That His Smartwatch Is a Success: to Increase The Production and Prepare New Models

Initially, some think that the people would not be willing to pay more than 1000 euros for a smartwatch, but it is possible that Apple had reason after all. As reported by Bloomberg Business from TAG Heuer they begin to consider your clock Connected with Android Wear a success, so much so that they are having to accelerate manufacturing to meet your high demand. Continue reading