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Astrid: an Octopus to Organize Your Day to Day

Now while I stopped using paper agendas to plan my week and day to day tasks and I moved to the electronic format. Personally all are advantages, though not why I stop being aware of its drawbacks, and the pair Nexus One and Google Calendar are for me the bread of every day to not forget anything and do all that I intend to.

The other day Alvaro I spoke of our site, a super Task Manager based on the philosophy GTD (Getting Things Done) to keep note of all our daily activities. Today I bring you an alternative different but with the same philosophy: Astrid. Continue reading

Ainol Novo 10 Captain Tablet

I said a few days ago, just talking about the Nova 10 Hero II, that cheap tablets should have some reinvent themselves, to remain competitive even after the arrival of Nexus and Nexus 7 10. Hence the Novo 10 Captain, who apparently doesn’t skimp on much in the way of technical characteristics, but that is on the market at a price which is really aggressive.

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Android Screen Capture, Capture Screen and Screencasts More Easily

Android Screen Capture It is a desktop application for Windows that makes it easy to capture the screen our Android Terminal. Although it is a very light application, we do not fight the uncomfortable task of installing the SDK, since that really relies on him to make catches. However, it provides some extra features that are very useful.

The key, we can capture the screen of our terminal without having to open the ddms application Development Kit. We can manually choose View want it in landscape or vertical. Changing the size of the window we also change the resolution of the captured image. Continue reading

7-Inch Android Tablet

Even the Italian Publishing House Mondadori, known, decided to enter the crowded market of 7 inch tablet cheap and does so with Android, tablet produced by Kobo and sold in Italy through the well-known Publisher, a new dedicated device to books and magazines of publishing house, but also applications and Google Play music , (in the press release stresses falsely also the presence of film, currently not available in Italy).

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Remember When You Put Your Favorite Series with Episodes

Although I don’t have time to see all the series that I would like the truth is that I am attentive to when they issue new episodes and premiere new series. When you are hooked to this scene it is inevitable to be aware of everything that happens.

In the network there are many pages that give this kind of information but sometimes it is more convenient to have an app to see it directly. So far they had not found a good guide of American fiction for Android that ended convince me but it seems that Episodes perfectly fulfills its mission. Continue reading

LG Announces the G Watch R

People, the smart watches (or smartwatches) are the new sensation of the moment, isn’t it? There are now several models on the market, from Samsung, LG, Motorola and, according to various rumors, coming soon to Apple, you’re going to have your. But one thing they all have in common: they look more like mini smartphones than even watches. However, the LG wants to change that. Want to know how? Comes with Lu. Continue reading

Spring Look With Leather Jacket

In the end he is at the end… Pardon dear Jecken, fools and other Carnival, carnival, fastnacht-trailers. But I am really happy that the 5th season is over.

 I can not do anything with it-I do not like to dress up-or do not like it anymore. And finally, the danger is banned that the children could be invited to carnival parties. Every year anew the new costume, which is now announced and then it goes to buy…Because unfortunately, they grow up, uh the children out of all available costumes until next year. And with ebay are basically only panels in other sizes to be found. My children are the total mainstream. But I do not want to lament-it is eaten, the Faschingsgedöns and the donuts and the Fasting has begun. And this year, I’m trying to get involved. My outfit is inspired by the approaching spring-all in light blue with leather jacket. But without sweaters it’s not yet. Continue reading

3g Watchdog: a Can to Control Your Data Rate

Many of you may possibly have a contracted data rate. No doubt is a luxury to have Internet always at hand whether we work with it or for fun. These rates tend to be a bit greedy and never we know very well how much actually consume.

Some of these are unlimited and after passing a certain number of megabytes low speed. Others on the other hand, reached the limit we are beginning to collect. To avoid surprises on your Bill or to control how much we spend exactly, there is no better application than 3g Watchdog. Continue reading