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Samsung Galaxy SIII: Confirmed The Four Nuclei and LTE Connectivity

Is lighter than the water we come irretrievably close to the presentation of the year most anticipated Android smartphone, and far from starting the debate on whether it will be a disappointment or a revolution, what is clear is that they rain down rumors every day that passes.

This time at least the information is more than informed, and it is coming directly from an officer of the own Samsung, in an interview with The Korea Times has given to understand certain specifications that would mount the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. Continue reading

Motorola DROID Fighter: Filtered Motorola Bet for High Definition

The new one Motorola DROID Fighter, which we know from the picture that illustrates the article and which has been leaked today, becomes directly destined to satisfy those that Motorola RAZR seem a device “ limited ” to be an high end of 2012.

This new device, which retains as we see the line of design, we will see a screen in high definition, integrated on-screen buttons and 4.0.3 Android Ice Cream Sandwich, just obviously to compete you to you with new devices that reach the market in the coming weeks to reach. Continue reading

This Is Galaxy SIII, Already with Date of Departure?

A few days ago we published a small compendium of rumors that had come to light on the Galaxy SIII. That if had released the first images, or the first data on your screen and confirmation of its ceramic housing and entry into the production line.

As well, today have appeared on the network the first images of what could be the rendering of the Galaxy SIII, that you can see right up, from a user of reddit that would have gotten the images from the Agency Webber Shandick. Continue reading

Sony Xperia S Can Already Access The Playstation Store

Recent weeks have seen the birth of Sony Mobile Communications, company that happens to Sony Ericsson after the acquisition of the joint venture by Sony; and we have all seen that the company has started its journey with eager, perhaps which has more lively market Since we began this year.

During the Mobile World Congress last presented us the benefits of its new Xperia NXT range, and although the presentations were quite important, many things were in the pipeline, as single Xperia just meet or the review of the possibilities of the S Xperia Playstation Store. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Sola: a Walk in Video for The Operation of Technology Floating Touch

During the day yesterday was announced which will be the fourth terminal of Sony Mobile, which will be called Xperia single and will be accompanied by a new technology applied to the tactile sensors screen.

This new technology, called Floating Touch, It allows to interact with device without even touching it, user experience which leads to forms of interaction that they surpass the finger and reach gestures. Erick Elmann, engineer and researcher at Sony Mobile, explains their operating principles, We bring you so that you can understand it better. Continue reading

NTT Docomo Prepares a Phone Android Inspired by Evangelion

Is something that the Japanese can brag about having a wide range of merchandising products for its day to day things, such as umbrellas, food, soft drinks, clothing lines inspired by characters in the series and not could miss the mobile phone. This is why that this model will be a purchase by fans of the series Evangelion, considered by fans of Japanese animation as one of the best series of history.

Despite not sharing that statement, I agree that that the series is exceptionally popular, even several years after premiering the series, with huge amounts of merchandising of the series. Because now every fan of the series that is androidero can combine the two passions with the next model that the Japanese operator will launch NNT Docomo, one of the major operators in Japan. Continue reading

HTC Publishes The Terminals That Receive Ice Cream Sandwich, But Continued without Giving Dates

When it seems that finally the terminal users see the light best selling Samsung, they are already receiving Ice Cream Sandwich in his brand-new Galaxy SII, HTC moves tab to receive their share of attention in all this mess of updates.

From the official blog of the Taiwanese company has been published a definitive list with all HTC devices will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming weeks.

Among them, as you can see, they are already members of the range of Sensation, flagships of the company last year and that gradually have been receiving its update in different countries. Continue reading

Galaxy SIII Rumors: Appears Suspiciously Available for Reservation, First Image, Ceramic Casing and Screen HD

At this stage people are already aware of the trail which has left Samsung with its Galaxy S line in the Android territory, so it is not surprising all the uproar that is formed around the third (if overlooked dozens of refried, clear) edition of the same.

And it is between rumor and rumor makes more pleasant waiting, for a terminal that is not yet clear when will come out, and that everyone wants to say something. I say this because these days some rumors are taking shape and others not so much, among stores that already have it available, photos supposedly taken by the, confirmations of production with ceramic finishes or images of benchmarks that shed some information to light. Continue reading

Sony Xperia S: at Last The Have and Soon The Analyze

A couple of months after being presented at the CES in Las Vegas, and as Sony Mobile promised few weeks after having closed the curtain the Mobile World Congress, the flagship of the Japanese company began to arrive in stores in our country.

We now have in our hands the new Sony Xperia S, and before passing it by our analysis table, we want to share with you the first pictures of the unboxing device, and position you to Let us in the comments doubts that you have or stuff you want Let’s Fund.

Its strong points, as most know, come from the hand of the Sony technology, with a 4.3 high-definition display inch engine BRAVIA Engine and a 12 megapixel camera with sensor Exmor R Mobile backlit. Continue reading

HTC One X, All on The New HTC Android

2011 Taiwanese company left us plenty of terminals. However, the quantity strategy has failed and this year they have decided to change course and give priority to quality on the number of different models.

The standard bearer of this new generation is the HTC One X. A terminal that not only seeks to renew itself to go with a design stylized but also imposed as a powerful device and media options that collect the witness of two very important pillars for the company in recent months: the audio quality provided Beats and the renewal of the camera that started in his day with the HTC Titan. Continue reading

ZTE Was The Assault on The High Range

The Chinese company ZTE It has come to the MWC12 with the firm intention to take the call of “ cheap Android ”, and its main weapon is the ZTE was. It’s a monster that moves thanks to the quad-core of its NVIDIA Tegra 3, and a generous screen.

With this beast intend to steal protagonist to his direct rival, the also Chinese Huawei, that he has not been back with his Ascend range.

A terminal to scare & #8230;

Continue reading

First Impressions of Motorola RAZR

We are not stopping with the Mobile Word Congress, and that makes us closer to absolutely all the stands, and not could miss Motorola and the treatment that’s going to happen to receive after the purchase by Google which is still waiting to be approved in a part of the market regulators.

Bet Motorola to make known their current terminals, without news on the front, something that has left us with a taste somewhat bittersweet, although it is understandable to have thrown the Motorola Razr a couple of months ago and it is not the best time of listing many new features for those who bought the terminal. Continue reading

HTC Will Improve The Range One before Putting It on Sale

We all know that HTC wants to forget quickly 2011, year in which came out very disadvantaged competitive worldwide smartphone. To do so, took very seriously the Mobile World Congress 2012, presenting a new range that returns them to the elite market.

New HTC One already were in itself one of the terminals of the highlights of the event, even if HTC doesn’t want to lose a second, and until they reach the market in production version, the devices of the range will suffer a review of improvement. Continue reading

Sony Xperia S, Price and Availability in Spain

We already announced new phones Sony Xperia S When they threw them at CES 2012 Las Vegas, and we have also discussed this model during MWC 2012. In fact we announce a filtration of price which is not correct, because the confirmation that we have had today by Sony, which we will discuss later.

It should be noted that the Sony Xperia S is in the highest part of the catalog of Sony, once released this Sony Ericsson. Lower models, while maintaining a design along the same lines, are the Sony Xperia P and Sony Xperia U, which we also talked about. Continue reading

Doro, Smartphones Android Aimed at The Older

Although many of us are familiar with smartphones, we must recognize that they are fairly complex devices. Many things you can do with it, but its learning curve is somewhat elevated. Thus, because of its difficulty, is a device that can cast back to certain groups of people. Including people who normally is not accustomed to using touch screens with as many features.

However, there are cases of developers and manufacturers who seek to integrate smartphones among the elderly. In his day for example we already speak of a launcher that much simplified interface. Today, following the aftermath of the MWC, we have to talk about a terminal that we saw at the fair in Barcelona designed especially for adults: the Doro PhoneEasy 740. Continue reading