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Aldi laptop Medion Akoya E7216 (MD98550)

Video on the theme

Aldi sells a large 17-inch notebook. Whether the medion akoya E7216 replace a desktop PC and what it offers you see in the video. Aldi laptop: Medion akoya E7216 dimensions and cabinet
the medion notebook E7216 has a stately 17.3 inch monitor (44 cm diagonal), measures 42 x 4, 3 x 28 centimeters and is no lightweight at 2.8 kilograms. For mobile use, it is therefore less suitable than for the desktop operating.

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Pearl Touchlet X 4: Cheap Seven Inch Tablet With Android 2.3


The 17.4-centimeter display (6.9 inch) offers only a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The image is blurry and pixelated. The Touchlet X 4 videos plays choppy and with distorted colors. Also, the display is dark and this reflects strongly means heavy reading in bright surroundings.


Work In the Touchlet X 4 a one-gigahertz processor and 512 megabytes of memory. It is important to remember little: responds to finger touches the touch screen slow, the speed is

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Acer Iconia: Dual-Display Laptop

The iconia is collapsed, it does not differ from other notebooks. The AHA effect comes only when you open: Where the keyboard sits on other laptops, the acer laptop has a second touchscreen. Programs, control symbols, or a virtual keyboard appear on him. First trying out the typing on this keyboard worked well thanks to the surface for the palms of the hands and the good sized touchpad.

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Acer Aspire one 521 (LU. SBS0D. 082)

Speed and battery life

The acer aspire one 521 comes not with an intel – but with an AMD processor. The single-core processor 1.70 ghz clock frequency works slightly faster than intel’s zweikerner atom N550. At games, the graphics processor calculates ten frames per second, twice as much as intel’s atom. Games without complex graphics to run at an acceptable pace. The netbook is very quiet in all operating conditions. The battery lasts through nearly five hours for video playback.

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The Best Navigation Devices

Navi buying advice so you save much time and money: reach only 6 steps to the perfect navigation unit including current day rates. interactive buying guides NAVIGON and Garmin are top! the new leader of the COMPUTER image leaderboard the top models are 70 premium live of a NAVIGON and Garmin’s nüvi 3790T. The direct pursuers are taken from the lower price segment: Garmin of nüvi 1490Tpro and NAVIGON 40 premium are rated moderate rubbing shoulders, seeing the computer image leaderboard.

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TomTom Start2 Central Europe Traffic

Facilities and guidance

The start2 tomtom is confined on the functions required for navigation. So, the display does not automatically toggles between the moderately bright day light and the darkened night. Missing even a speakerphone or voice input. Not even the calculated arrival time is adjusted to the driving style. The start2 quickly receive – and ready to go, which calculates regular routes, but not particularly fast leading to the target in the test. Good: In storage, the TMC traffic jam detector prevents unnecessary waiting. When it’s cold, the integrated GPS-bracket holds only bad at the plate.

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NAVIGON 70 Premium Live

Speed and quality of the routes

70 premium of live of a NAVIGON calculated very good routes, needs but until it shows the current location after the turn. The calculation of the test tracks was very quickly with nine to twelve seconds. Also, the time saved with the calculated route was decent: Instead of 42 minutes, the navi needed only 32 minutes for the inner-city reference line. Times deviate from the recommended route, after eight seconds, an alternative is available.


Display large 12.7 centimeters, the screen is not very bright but. The target input works in the test quickly. Thanks to the built-in mobile module, the navi takes almost all test points of interest via google search. Via the internet, even traffic land quickly on the screen. These live services cost 49.95 euro per year but only after 15 months of trial and error phase.

Map updates always up to date

The NAVTEQ maps is updated four times a year. The two-year subscription costs 19.95 euro discount at NAVIGON.

Conclusion: NAVIGON 70 premium live

The large screen of the NAVIGON 70 premium live makes the operation easy. The calculation of the time-saving routes is very fast. The POI is up-to-date and there is no shortage of navigation AIDS. Cons: The unit starts something slowly and the battery makes a three-quarter hours to pass out.

Test conclusion: What you should know

The NAVIGON 70 premium live does have a large, but not very bright screen. The destination entry worked in the test quickly and thanks to the built-in mobile module, the navi was almost all test points of interest via google search. Via the internet, traffic, also landed quickly on the screen. These live services are charged only after 15 months of trial and error phase. The NAVIGON needed calculated very good routes, but long before it showed at the current location. This product at amazon order pro fast route calculation time-saving short routes special destination search currently many handsfree features cons of slower startup test note of the editorial 2.13 good users rating (of 4 reviews) alternative: Garmin of nüvi 3790 T.

Is bright and has a high resolution (800 x 480 pixels) screen of the garmin of nüvi 3790 T. The calculated routes are time-saving and the cards have little errors on.

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Garmin of Nüvi 3790T

Speed and quality of the routes

The nüvi 3790T shows the current position very quickly after you turn. The test routes calculated with 10 to 18 seconds very quickly. Also, the time saved with the calculated route was decent: Instead of 42 minutes, the navi needed only 32 minutes for the inner-city reference line. Times deviate from the recommended route, after six seconds, an alternative is available.


No, it’s no iphone but the super-flat 3790 T looks almost exactly. And is it used in portrait mode, turns the screen content with. The large display (11.3 cm diagonal) with very high resolution (800 x 480 pixels) is bright and is dimmed in night discreetly. Weaknesses revealed the garmin in the points of interest (pois). The nüvi 3790T found only 16 of 50 testing goals. It’s scores with high quality of maps: 37 of 50 addresses correctly shows that reported COMPUTER screen readers as problem cases. The moderate driving urge the speed limit indicator and the radar detector. Shortcoming: Battery run out of steam goes out without charging cable after only two hours and twenty minutes your nüvi.

Map updates always up to date

Updates appear four times a year. For unique 89 euro loaded your navi according to the manufacturer up to 30 years with always up-to-date maps (stand: December 2010).

Conclusion: Garmin of nüvi 3790 T

The garmin nüvi 3790 T scores with his good screen, time-saving routes and little card errors. As at the most navis, the POI is not particularly up-to-date and the battery is somewhat weak on the breast.

Review conclusion: What you should know

No, it’s no iphone but the 3790 T is almost as flat. Use it in portrait mode, turns the screen content with. The very high resolution display is bright, dimmed at night but discreetly. The navi afloat indicated the position and calculated plausible routes. Not so good: The battery lasted just under two and a half hours. It’s scored with quality maps: 37 of 50 addresses correctly indicated that had reported COMPUTER image users as a problem case. Order this product at amazon good screen pro time-saving routes a few card error counter POI little currently without car holder something distorted announcements mark of the editorial 2.19 good users rating (out of 1 reviews) alternative: NAVIGON 70 premium live.

The NAVIGON 70 premium live charged quickly and cleverly the shortest routes. Acquainted with many points of interest and on top of that comes with many cell phone features.

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Mio Technologies Moov Spirit V575 TV


DVB-T TV or GPS? Mio is both. As a navi’s is quickly ready and after the target entry’s stumbled about in search of meaningful route. The maps in the test proves however as something too error-prone. The very empty and objectively screen clearly displays the route. The voice prompts are distorted. Interesting: Who wants to buy a navi map not just for the holidays, can you for the mio also rent: A USA map costs 20 euros, for example, for a month.

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Asus Eee PC 1015PN-BLK046S

Video to the test run

Next to a dual-core processor, the NetBook has a separate graphic on board. What else does the NetBook, you see here. NetBook Asus Eee PC 1015PN speed
The ASUS NetBook is fired by a dual-core processor Intel Atom N550. The ASUS NetBook works pretty fast with programs for video editing. There are great advantages over single core Netbooks only for programs that are optimally matched to the dual-core operation. So also

games at an acceptable pace across the 10-inch screen, there is an extra graphics processor ion of NVIDIA GT218. This not enough calculated at least 15 frames per second playing for current flick but about three times faster than simple Netbooks.

Advisor: upgrade notebooks instead buy new!

Display and equipment

The ten-inch screen delivers a good picture quality and is behind the anti-reflective screen 1024 x 600 pixels. For the connection of flat screen, a HDMI socket available is televisions. With the free program VLC media player, Dolby Digital sound via HDMI can spend. The hard drive has space for 233 gigabytes of data. Practical: Even without Windows surf the Internet and look at pictures. To do this, you can start express gate in just seven seconds the mini – operating system. The NetBook without wounds survived all robustness tests (vibration, liquid, hinge – duration test). For wireless data exchange with mobile phones Bluetooth is on board.

Battery life and operating noise

The appropriate battery runtime is neat but slightly shorter than with other Netbooks with around three hours. Maximum 0.4 sone is the mini notebook almost inaudible.

Conclusion: Asus Eee PC 1015PN-BLK046S

The NetBook Asus Eee PC 1015PN-BLK046S afford little weaknesses. Work speed and endurance are neat. With the extra graphics processor boasts the device with a higher than average for Netbooks game pace. E-Mail, Internet and music functions are quickly even without Windows start can be used.

Test conclusion: what you should know

So that even games at an acceptable speed on the screen, ASUS builds the extra graphics processor NVIDIA GT218 ion. A comparatively good value calculated that at least 15 frames per second for a NetBook. The Asus was also relatively fast with programs for video editing. However, the appropriate battery runtime with over three hours was slightly short. Good: a HDMI socket available is for the connection of flat-screen TVs. Order this product from Amazon anti-glare screen Pro very low operating noise acceptable pace of play VGA and HDMI connection Bluetooth Internet and photo viewing without Windows installed possible cons no mark of editorial 2.74 satisfying user rating now write a

Alternative: HP mini 210-2000sg

Characterized not as good tempo values at play but for this solid performance at work and extreme endurance the NetBook mini 210-2000sg from Hewlett-Packard\r. Battery played over six hours of videos from.

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MSI Wind u160dx-5515w7s Gold

Speed and battery life

So that the MSI NetBook on tours, working inside a current dual-core processor (Intel Atom N550). It provides acceptable pace when working and in photo -, video -, and music editing. A separate graphics chip is missing. Thus, the NetBook just four frames per second out agonizes: far too little for PC games. The battery shows excellence: approximately five and a half hours after the device runtime must again on the socket. However the current donor is quite voluminous and the NetBook bucks on something rear.

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Samsung NF310 (NP-NF310-A01DE)

Speed and battery life

Works In the NetBook Intel’s dual core Atom N550. The pace of work was typical NetBook level and is sufficient for most requirements except to play: here, only four images per second slow every game fun. For this, the battery showed up in good shape. No socket necessary. was over four hours regardless of whether the work or videos are looking in the test.

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Hewlett Packard Mini 210-2000sg (XD381EA, ABD)

Speed and battery life

Endurance: The netbook HP mini 210-2000sg proves in the battery-powered enormous stamina. After about six hours of work or video – playback must be the device to reload to the socket. The long battery life is also on the account of the processor intel atom N455, who has only one processing core. He works while more economical, but also slightly slower than its dual-core counterpart atom N550. Computing dwarf is no match for current games, such as the reading of an average three frames per second used.

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