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Canton Reference Jubilee in the Test

Canton launches a limited Special Edition 40th anniversary. The Jubilee of the reference has it, as evidenced by the test.

A quarter of a century experience you would concede the well-known speakers manufacturer Canton intuitively certainly, but actually there are considerably more. Because Canton started its operations in October 1972 and launched within a few years on the front seats of the sales hit list.

That rise so quickly place went, was the gift of the founders, who learned their craft at manufacturers such as Braun and Heco. The headquarters was then as now in the tranquil Neuweilnau IM Taunus near Frankfurt, where parts of the production are located. Continue reading

Sunfire true EQ 12 Signature in the Test

Subwoofer test of the Sunfire true EQ 12 signature shows can be found, how much power can fit in a relatively small enclosure.

Test report to the subwoofer, Sunfire true EQ 12 signature: huge crates should be against the prejudice, woofer, which disfigure any living room, fights the Sub pioneer Bob Carver for 40 years. Its top model measures only modest 34 centimeters in height, width, depth. Even no powerful linearity can get out of there, do you? Far from it, Sunfire mixes here equal to several secret recipes to, to exploit the physics. Continue reading

Nubert Nuline 284 in the Test

Burly, don’t make a mess is the motto in the House of Nubert, whose lineup is more extensive. Even the currently largest new development of type nuLine 284 in pairs under 2000 euro remains despite brand-typical elaborate construction.

With over 1.13 meters including two bars class-unusual high pitched box has no direct predecessor. The last digit “4” reveals a connoisseur, that it is a latest-generation model within the series.

The exterior design with a strictly parallelepiped-shaped housing without any optical boondoggle is similar to those of the older nuLine models wearing still the last digit “2”. The 30-kilogram columns are supplied optionally in lacquer or wood veneers. Continue reading

Velodyne EQ Max 15 in the Test

The Subwoofer Velodyne EQ Max 15 proves his all-round qualities in the test. He offers buyers high acoustic output for ease of use.

Velodyne EQ Max 15 test: on the subject of subwoofer with EQ measurement, Velodyne is rightly considered pioneer. The DD-plus series of the brand sets the gold standard for acoustic quality and customisable woofer, and with the SMS-1, the Americans offered their Equalizer technology as a separate device for each any sub. The only catch: the Velodyne products have never been cheap, and was also a great deal of specialist knowledge for the control of all functions. Continue reading

ELAC ON 180 in the Test

Boxing specialist ELAC is his legendary ON THE 150 that significantly more expensive ON 180 to the page. stereoplay could compare the two models already.

A murmur went through the audio world as ELAC presented the AM 150. Can be a few active speakers on the legs for under 600 euros, with powerful amplifiers, digital and analog inputs, place filtering, protection circuits as well as reputable chassis? A box that sounds really adult?

We stereoplay testers were in fact absolutely thrilled. The reactions of the Internet community were very positive, some even euphoric. Especially since is now has gotten around that boxes that kind at a short hearing distance can like replace a hi-fi sound system. Continue reading

Panasonic DMR BST 820 in the Test

As the only provider, Panasonic builds still recorder for removable media. In addition is the DMR BST 820 – how our test shows – a top modern equipment with all refinements.

You are the last archivists, the recorder by Panasonic in the DIGASerie with the symbol DMR BST. There they even in the German-speaking – what they are amazingly complete and complex. Stereoplay ordered – as in the previous year with the DMR BST 800 – top model, which now carries the number 820. And that has learned some tricks to although it seems at first glance to distinguish only by name. Continue reading

KEF R 500 Test

Some boxes series appear on the market, unless it is particularly striking. At others, a well-connected community chomping already weeks before delivery with the hooves, as Apple would conjure up a new gadget out of the hat.

The KEF R models include this type of products, which is away from the start selling like hotcakes, and which will achieve cult status probably during the construction period. That the series is so successful, is understandable also for less concerned with the matter: design and feel meet the tastes of a very ambitious target. The technology behind it is as independent as sound strong. Blade is that the fans, and not just the ones running the tradition brand this place, especially at the heart of the series, the ultra-modern uni-Q coaxial system of the KEF-top model. The driver is with slight variations – the smallest model R 100 uses a More long-strung version, can the also lush bass – in all types of the series, as well as in the R 500. The smallest and most affordable stand box of series is a three-way system, in which two 13 centimeters large woofer with high resistant aluminium membranes so clearly relieve the uni-Q below 500 Hertz, that his means of sound element (outer part) is energetically less burdened and can work this way even in the almost idle, if it at the small R 100 (test: AUDIO 8/2012) is really tight. The uni-Q itself scores with the known benefits of its design. Thanks to centrally located on tweeter there is no way differences and hence no to any measurement or listening position inside the runtime differences. This brings advantages especially in the acquisition area, which is the R 2800 Hertz around 500. Thus it is much easier to ensure a level – and period-correct addition of signals for all angles of the room the crossover. Spatially separated systems succeed only in a narrow angle range, where the run-time conditions fit well. Continue reading

Triangle Antal EX in the Test

Triangle, the French manufacturer of boxes from connoisseurs is known for his lively sounding transducer, which run after every fashion trend or every couple of weeks change the tonal orientation.

Because triangle makes his chassis itself, the developer can dare even unusual designs an OEM manufacturer would reject, if the building seems too costly or too labor intensive to him. These include for example strongly dimensioned air gap in the magnetic systems to increase efficiency. This however particularly close series tolerances must be respected, otherwise it comes easy to scratch sounds. Continue reading

Naim NDS in the Test

The network player NDS gathers concentrated audiophile Naim know-how. The result is impressive.

With regard to their functionality, Network players have reached a level that can be described as “largely mature”. Even technically trickier tasks such as gapless playback (Gapless Play) are now standard at least for the more sophisticated models. Since it now supports the technology, the way is paved for perfectly functioning cheap NetWorker. Because functions can be accommodated at any time at low cost in chips. Audiophile sound characteristics, however, does not. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 Test

The Samsung Galaxy ACE 2, successor to the popular Galaxy ACE, shows in the test that it has what it takes to continue the success story.

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There are really big shoes, joins the Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 (I8160). The sequel to the million-plus selling ALLROUNDER Galaxy Ace S5380 will need to stretch out to achieve this success or even to beat. But Samsung has with some goodies his mid-range Primus on the way, which should make for a successful debut. Continue reading

EPIC ELAN 35 in Test

Visually, the new ELAN 35 of epic works pleasantly restrained, yes almost a little good. It is neither narrow nor wide, but remains in the height below the psychologically important 1-meter – brand.

For those who like rather cuddly as high aufragend, will be probably really pretty this always real wood veneered box. The waiver on chrome Bezels and glittery stuff of all kinds ensured that the spontaneous “like me” could become a long friendship. Families with small children move from the below-average height is another advantage: the box can be easily upset less. Continue reading

Phonar Veritas P6 Next in the Test

The Nimbus of the exclusive and special products must come not always from distant lands. There are smaller boxes manufacturers, who oppose globalization Madness with considerable success in the middle of Germany.

One of these beads is the 15-strong, second-generation owner-operated boxes forge Phonar, located in the far North, in tarp near the Danish border. High-quality HiFi create boxes that are sold exclusively through retailers there conspicuously proud 5000 square metres of space. When a such slim Personal equipment, it is only logical that held large parts of the value out of the House. Specifically those steps that can hardly afford a such small company. Continue reading

Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL in the First Test

In the first test, convinced the Ascend D1 Quad XL with powerful features including quad-core processor and a battery, which promises much endurance.

Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL: First impression

Extreme facilities to ensure a permanent place in Smartphone top Huawei. For this purpose, the Chinese make even its own processor, which all systems for peak performance has four cores and 1.4 GHz clock. Continue reading

Caterpillar CAT B10 in the First Test

Not for wimps: the outdoor Android Caterpillar CAT B10 shows in the test that he can sometimes eat dirt without Duke whining.

Caterpillar B10: First impression

Where the Galaxys and iPhones of this world with its plastic and glass cases run the risk to be damaged, smartphones are in demand with stoically. The American construction equipment specialist Caterpillar has a real ice-breaker Smartphone in the program, which is in an extremely hard, but also very ungainly Bowl with the B10. Dirt, dust, shock and water can not have the IP67 certified cars, we have made him wet several times and fall on our (not so hard) carpet leave – everything no problem. This is the thing with about 200 grams and clunky in the hand. Continue reading

Rotel RA 11 in the Single Test

Stereoplay has tested the Rotel RA-11. Thanks to the new media boom amplifier with D/A converters are again the focus.

In the 1980s, some amps with D/A converters protzten. Luck did not achieve them. The time was not ripe, the generational of converters too quickly. In the RA 11, the fine Delta-Sigma Converter translates 8740 Wolfson digital hors d’oeuvres in analog good today. He does up to the high end top form 24/192. Who uses a CD of older semester, may entrust so confidently digital signal processing the Rotel. Who uses even a DVD player for playback of CDs, should do it even. Continue reading