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Samsung Galaxy Touch 10.1 in the Test

Samsung wants to know: the Galaxy attacked the Platzhirsch iPad touch 10.1 and can convince with lots of added value in the test.

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With the Galaxy touch ended up Samsung at IFA 2011 a real surprise coup. The former number one of the connect leaderboard surprised with a huge 5.3 inch display for smartphones – and called up memories of the Palm age with the stylus retractable into the device. Continue reading

Pass Labs XP 30 in Test

It seems that pass with the smaller precursors of XP have practiced only 10 and XP 20: the three-piece XP 30 is a precursor to ultimate structure and confident sound.

The output stages of the Nelson pass belong to the best that the Hi-Fi world has to offer. With Preamps the pass could not score Labs so far: you were always a bit covered and tired. Puzzling that it failed an amplifier genius like pass here to reach the same level as with his power amplifiers. Continue reading

Bury CC 9068 App in the Test

The bury CC 9068 app is the first hands-free system, which uses the Smartphone screen on its own app to control. The first test.

  1. Bury CC 9068 app in the test
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Small, chic displays have become the hallmark of the professional Bluetooth car kits from bury. About the colour touch screen, you can activate their own voice control, scroll through the phone book, and partly read even SMS – comfortably, without taking the phone out of your pocket. Continue reading

How to Start Fly Fishing

Dear Internet users,

Fishing with the fly makes you dream, but you’re afraid to start. You think about it for a few years but it seems so complicated.

So you hesitate and you’re looking for information on the net. You’re lucky, Here’s a full article which goes to show the fly fishing, it’s not that complicated and especially is so cheap! You will find all the advice and equipment you need for fishing. Continue reading

Focal Maestro Utopia BE in the Test

The secret lies in the magnetic force: the State box focal Maestro utopia can be adapted by dosage of the actuator to the room acoustics.

Who think the key words of magnetic force and curative effect of esotericism, is clearly wrong here. The research performance of the French boxing experts from focal to magnets is one hundred percent to the floor of the physics – and tries to push that up to the last ounce. In 2009, the French proved with their top of the range Grande utopia EM and their electromagnetic bass system, how important is the dosage of the genuine driving force for the woofer. Continue reading

Fujitsu Stylistic M532 TS in the Test

The Professional with the Tablet stylistic M532, Fujitsu wants to connect the private world. The test shows: Fujitsu is thus achieved a precision landing.

  1. Fujitsu Stylistic M532 TS in the test
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To use Android in the professional environment, is associated with risks. Finally acknowledging far-reaching rights Google by agreeing to the user agreement. But the success of the operating system can be ways senses the manufacturer of hardware and software, to provide the security required in many companies on the free OS. Continue reading

Bose 2To in Practice

Bose is the probably most striking in-ear headphones of the company’s history. In the test, the 2to know even to convince.

Bose 2To: First impression

Sport is announced, smartphones are announced, and headphones for smartphones are so like the proverbial hot cakes. So it is not surprising that also Bose has developed a set of headphones, to inspire athletes. Continue reading

Handbag of the Season

They call it-bag and are the iconic bags of the big house, the models that every woman would want to own. It is timeless bags that have made ​​the history of a brand, and that every year are revisited in materials, colors and sizes.

We see them all year to the arm fashion influencer most famous and invade the streets of the fashion capitals during various fashion week : the it-bag is a true object of desire, models that only the lucky few manage to have.

Continue reading