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Most Beautiful Handbags Carpisa Summer Collection

Here are the bags Carpisa 2015, the most beautiful models of the collection Carpisa spring summer to choose to colorize and embellish your trendy summer outfits. We discover together the catalog Carpisa 2015 with the most interesting proposals: shopping bag, handbag, shoulder bags, clutch bags and many other models.

The collection Carpisa 2015 offers many models of bags for the hot season, all perfect for your most wanted outfits. The bags Carpisa PE 2015 show simple lines with minimalist design but highly sought after, often enriched with original details and bits of different materials that create dynamic adding a touch of style. Continue reading

Ideas and Trends for Fall Fashion 2016

Next month, more specifically on day 20, autumn already gives the guys around here, in the southern hemisphere. Autumn is the season of choice for many people. At least in the South and Southeast of Brazil, the climate is more fresh, with more wind, a few days to rehearse a cold winter. Many of the clothes we wear this summer will have to be stored for a while to give way to warmer clothes.So let’s show some fashion ideas for you to inspire for next season:

Black and wine

One of the best combinations of colors for fall. Put a skirt and black pantyhose with a sweater wine and you’ll be ready to go!

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Tattoo Jewelry

Tattoo jewelry, here is the new trend of precious designs on the skin. For spring summer 2015 the jewel is applied directly on the skin as a temporary tattoo: the subjects are extremely varied, but they all look like real gems printed on the skin.

Here is one of the most interesting beauty trends spring summer 2015. Are tiny removable tattoos, non-permanent, which then declined in gold and silver look like real jewels etched on your skin. Can take many forms, they are easy to apply and remove and have colors that highlight your Tan. Continue reading

Wall Lighting for Bathrooms

Simple and stylish, apply Romane displays a contemporary and timeless look. Finesse of his line, balance shapes, elegant materials… here’s an ideal applies for a bathroom and so a must have! Zoom in on Roman, a bathroom fixture to adopt absolutely.

Why we need the bathroom Romane applies?

Roman reveals to both original and sleek look. With this wall, is in the details. We like chrome and square his mount finish. We love his spirit “torch” revised and corrected in a minimalist version, not to mention his conical shade glass sandblasted to the harmonious proportions. All composed an applies modern and store.

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Clothes to Wear for Small Bust

Many women are not happy because they have small busts.

However, they shouldn’t feel that way because there are a multitude of options and clothing styles to enhance this trait.

Today, we brought you 7 tips on clothes for small busts. Check out!

1 – Abuse of High Necklines

If you have small busts, know that you are very lucky clothing Department with high neckline.

Some of the most beautiful clothes in the world has a high neckline, but not everyone can use.

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Advantages of LG G Watch

The filtered features LG G Watch reveal that might be facing a really powerful smartwatch

In recent days they have leaked a series of characteristics and peculiarities of future smarthwatch LG G Watch , the most serious commitment of the company to gain a foothold in the market for smart watches. Although we still can not confirm the authenticity of the leaks, everything seems to indicate that the device will be more powerful devices we’ve seen so far.

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Lady Fashion Color Trend 2016

After some very striking stamping, fashion neon and much fabric to draw attention even in low light, we enter a lull in the colors of feminine fashion. If the summer asking open and bright colors like neon green and fabrics transpire prominently in black light, we now have a period of being discreet, more closed, even in bright colors in summer. The colors of women’s fashion in 2016 are more closed, but no more.

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LG G Watch R Compatible with iOS

These are the two new wearables devices that LG will present next Sunday and will be compatible with iOS

LG is preparing for the introduction of two new wearables devices Sunday, which his next smart watch, the G Watch are added together. And it seems that the company has taken seriously this market wearables and unhappy devices with the introduction of such a promising smartwatch as the G Watch, LG also will try with the introduction of two new devices monitorazión increasingly focus on our health.

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Things That Keep You Updated

Often our fashion director Paul Lapicca (aka Lapik) asked what can please a non-fashion-addict. Having said that, here are his answers and the coolest to be updated on the latest in fashio.

Marshall, the British brand that produces acoustic amplifiers since 1962, presents Major II Bluetooth wireless headphones model: last and innovative born from 50 years of experience. What about! Free from the wires ?

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LG G Watch R Google Play Store

LG G Watch will be one of the first Android Wear smartwatch to incorporate and is now available to buy

The presentation of Google I / O held in yesterday left us very interesting developments in the field of smartwatch. No doubt, it was a great evening for all those users who have been wanting to gain first watch to feature Android Wear , as it was announced that the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will be the first to market with the new commitment of google ran inside. The best of all? They are already available.

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Best Sleeping Pad for Hiking

Spend a good night in the mountains is very important: recover efforts of the day and be in shape for the big day looming the next day. It is therefore imperative to take time to choose his ground mattress, paramount, because it will bring you comfort AND insulation.

We often think that having a good sleeping bag ensures a good night in the mountains.This is false. For a great night, need you a good sleeping bag BUT also a good mattress that you will ensure comfort and especially the insulation.

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How to Wear Lemon Yellow

Get a lemonade is also a way of speaking English: good advice for solving small and large problems that happen every day. You follow the advice and you’ll see, including with regard to your wardrobe

4 Ways to Wear the Lemon Yellow

Wear it is easy, like drinking a sip of lemonade!

  1. Olivia Culpot he declines on the leather jacket and matching shoes. In between, obviously very white.
  2. Reese Witherspoon adds preppy white men’s shirt and shoulder bag.
  3. Kate Hudson makes hyper graph with the cutting of high waisted pants and a black tank top.
  4. Laura Whitmore uses it as a base wallpaper on denim distressed and so much black.

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Xiaomi Mi 5, the Quality of the Pictures Taken Looks Excellent

Although you know now all (or almost all) coming on top of the range of Xiaomi, information about your photo compartment I 5 have never been particularly thorough. You know that on your smartphone should be equipped with an 8 megapixel sensor front and one rear from 16 megapixels with phase detection auto focus and auto focus laser, but I never received confirmation about it by the Chinese company.

To dispel any doubt about the quality of the camera we thought directly the President of Xiaomi Lin Bin, which he posted on Weibo first images taken with your smartphone in a tropical beach. Continue reading

Boots Twin Autumn Winter Set

Boots Twin autumn-winter Set 2013-2014: biker or Texans, with cugno heel or wedge, is the detail that makes the difference. It seduces.

The Twin Set boots for the 2013-2014 autumn-winter are Texans and bikers, especially.Convenient, comfortable, and glam. No high heels or very high, that Simona Barbieri dedicated to all shoes and boots . But so much femininity.

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How to Sew a Hoodie Jacket

The time has come-the new hoodie pattern RILEY is now online! With thestars Neon Hoodie my Kleenen I had made ​​you pretty hot (and I myself was also quite keen on), so I grabbed the Liv-shirt, made ​​some changes and adapt it to a Hoodie for us Large, Besides Partnerlook version from the last post here also a cool neon part arose.

This we had to also really “Ghetto Underground-standard” pictures-in an underpass with us around the corner. That was really fun!

For that extra bit of coolness figures in college sweater style care. For that I have just used the neon green back from the sweat and by this method applied.

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