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Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week

The fashion summer 2016 did not in fact on the shelves, but we already have a notion that the wardrobe will change for next season. The brands hand dropped the fashion prints with fruits and other trends that looked like they were pumping for a year and have changed almost everything. The stakes of the São Paulo Fashion Week show that boldness is one of the words the time for the next fashion sun season.

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How to Dress in Summer?

2 / Opt for light colors

As mentioned in the introduction, light-colored clothes retain less heat. We can build on this classic that is the white shirt but also shades of light blue and more broadly on pastel colors. Whatever your choice, it is always easier to associate a light shirt with a suit and tie to match.

3 / To choose a looser fit

If you are usually adept in slim fit, prefer a loose fit for your summer shirts. It can is a semi cut slim for some brands to traditional straight cut that will have air to circulate better. Otherwise, try to choose an optimal tissue.

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Walt Disney Clothing for Adults

Too serious, refrain! This summer, brands and creators decided to infuse lightness and second degree in our closets. Result?
Subliminal messages, printed regressive and colorful products to bring us bananas!

“Dream your life in color, this is the secret of happiness”: no, the sentence is not out of the mouth of a stylist Femme Actuelle. It is signed by Walt Disney himself, the king of entertainment in the US!

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2016 Fall Winter Fashion Trends

At the time of the season was tidy shorts and jerseys, up to hits that will brighten our winter and zoom on 20 trends to follow immediately.

Inspired by autumn winter 2016/17 catwalks, the new collections invade the shops and draw the times. With temperatures rafraichissent, the time has come to review the details of the major trends to unearth the parts essential to our locker room.

So what’s new in our dressing room? New kids are entering this season, starting with the culotte skirt pants in vintage style. It is suitable for all body types, even small jigs are the elegantly provided the sort of heeled boots.

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How to Wear Camel Color?

Warm and cozy playing the cameo for maximum chic. Our tips and ideas.

Side Style
Escape could there if we want a preppy wardrobe. But it also calls in more fashion, and has been adopted by fashion toquées. Version seventies a hair fashion but without overdoing it in the warmer tones of its range. Brown and orange then come in volumes borrowed from the iconic “Charlie’s Angels”: dress belted fluid skirt trapeze or umbrella and sweater slim … worn in all cases with heeled boots, a cape and a long scarf, but also a leather bag to keep your hands free. It’s really cool and stylish.

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Pastel Trend Spring Summer 2016

The pastel is back in the summer. We love clothes and accessories color lozenge chewable!

Irresistibly regressive, the pastel trend makes us gentle eyes in spring-summer 2016 as almost every year to offer us wish to tender looks. To adopt the pastel without marshmallow, follow our instructions and our rooms shoppez shots heart. In subtle touches by the accessory for the more timid as a total look for the most daring, the pastel is on all fronts fashion this season. At each choose sides bags, belts, scarves, shoes and jewelry will give the reply in soft colors for discrete who like to choose their favorite accessories according to their desires: the bag on the stock exchange, the basketball to shoe, there to for everyone and each can find a shoe to fit. Hand jewelry , we mainly put on the colored enamel, small stones and pearls. A host of accessories to mix and matcher envy. Dressing side, it adopts the trend with a key piece that combines in complete sobriety with basic everyday. A blouse pastel with a simple jeans, a nice skirt or trousers with a suit jacket and a shirt or a dress or a trench … beautiful pastel comes to infinity.

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Ethnic Trends in Fashion 2016

Tribal beauty queens of Africa invites city. The pace sewing drapes safari prints, metis of shimmering tunics and high heels. It is the spirit Couture in Dakar.

What Is It? The tribal and hieratic beauty queens dressed African safari beige, with animal prints and ethnic and embellished with accessories raw leather, raffia or bronze.

Where Does It Come? From a mixture of African crafts and codes of colonial heritage.

Who Is It For? The followers of the pace sewing, mixed with shimmering tunics and high heels.

Highlights of the Style 
The wax prints, earth colors, ethnic motifs: blends and gaudy accumulations.

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Red White and Blue Fashion Trends

Blue-white-red: it is the color combination to have in your closet this season. We love their side “Frenchy” but avoids the effect July 14, learning to dose them!

Chauvinist, fashion this summer? A bit anyway to see the tricolor flower collections in the windows of shops. I must say that the creators of Kenzo Lacoste via Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs, Franco went there on the catwalks of spring-summer 2016 to the colors of the French flag the new fashion standard.

Why We Like Them?
Like it or not, our eye is accustomed from childhood to these three colors: we see them every July 14 and brandished them with pride whenever a sporting victory regilds the French coat of arms! In fashion, it’s simple: passion between red, blue denim and white that goes anywhere, even without wanting frankly, our closet is overflowing with patriotic colors!

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Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016

What are the fashion colors that will be worn next spring-summer and that cannot miss in your closet? Discover them in this article!
We are still in winter, but it does not really miss the spring and it’s time to organize our wardrobe!

As the change of the cabinets can still wait, cannot wait for the soul instead of fashionable that each of us possesses (also in percentage miserable).

For this we propose the list of colors that will be the trend for Spring-Summer 2016: it will be a season of fresh, soft colors, inspired by nature, with delicate tones.

The colors selected by Pantone, are ten; here they are:

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British Library Will Offer 65,000 Ebooks for Free

The British Library , which holds in its collection about 150 million items including books, periodicals, movies, music, patents, maps, stamps and other productions announced that it will provide approximately 65,000 classics of English literature on the web, for free, in format “compatible with the major e-book market” as the Kindle , for example.

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History of 80s Fashion Trends

The fashion in the 80s was colorful, exaggerated and punk. To date we often find references to the fashions of the 80s on the runways and in street style. What remained then of those years?

The stylish 80s influenced pop culture for decades: many look we wear and still appreciate today in fact derive roots and inspiration from those years.

1. Gothic Fashion 80s

Often the Gothic fashion is improperly called fashionable dark. There are different types and different Gothic fashion currents, all styles, however, are characterized by the predominance of black as a color. Hence the vagueness of calling the Gothic style “dark”, because at a first impression all, in gothic clothes, is dark and gloomy.

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Microsoft Launches New Email Service:

Microsoft today launched a new service email free but with an old and well – known brand. Called, the service is basically a Hotmail successor redesigned, focusing mainly on the metro interface – something that Microsoft does not tire to implement in all its products. For those who do not remember, this service leaked a few weeks ago and at the time was called NewMail. Continue reading

Google Gives up Several APIs, Including translation Of

More than ten APIs Google are its days numbered. These features, which both help developers create new and interesting applications will be closed until the end of the year. Among various APIs, the most important is probably the Translate API, which allows (allowed? ) Trigger automatic Google translation for varied content.

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The Latest Fashion Apps

To keep organized their wardrobe, get style tips, optimize shopping, take inspiration and keep up to date on the world of fashion news here is the best fashion apps you have on your smartphone.

Take pictures, shoot video, to express their state of mind and then share it all on the net. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate, fashion knows it and not fall behind. Every brand, from Dolce & Gabbana to Zara , has its application in which makes available its catalog with the inevitable the “online shop”. But this is only the form “base”, there are applications for practically anything. You want to organize your wardrobe? There StyleBook. Want to see the last Chanel fashion show? You must Download The Cat On Runaway. Love the low cost fashion? Glamour Personal Shopper for you. Want to keep a list of shopping to do? Fashion Diary is made ​​for this. End here? Absolutely not, read on and pick your fashion favorite apps!

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