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Guide: Getting Started with iOS 7 on the iPhone

Web TV: Here you can see some of what’s new in iOS 7, so you get a lot out of the new software for the iPhone.

Once you have updated your iPhone to iOS 7 opens up a range of new opportunities and, not least, the thing you have to get used to is different.

It’s hard to pick in the function list and choose its Favorites, but in the above web-TV feature we’ve yet tried.

We’ve gathered 10 good tips for iOS 7 that hopefully can help you get started with “your new iPhone”.

If you prefer to read our tips, and, optionally, save them for later, you can read the article “10 tips for iOS 7”.

Whether one likes iOS 7 or not, then it is the system that is on all the new iPhones sold in stores.

10 Great Tips for iOS 7

After updating to iOS 7 opens up a new world on your iPhone and iPad. We’ve gathered 10 good tips for iOS 7.

Apple has released a major update to iOS operating system on the iPhone and iPad.

On the surface is the design changed a bit from iOS to iOS 7, but 6 different locations in the system, there are also a number of news.

Below you will find 10 tips that you as a user should know about 7 iOS.

You can also share your own tips via the comments box below the article.

See also our web-TV feature where we will guide you through the iOS 7 features. Continue reading

Gmail Space Increases to 10GB

In the sixth episode of our site Podcast, we commented on the use of space provided by Gmail in our accounts and we invite you, dear listeners, to share their experiences. Some reported being with almost full inbox. Fortunately, these users will have more time before cleaning – the Google has just increased the space for free accounts for 10 GB. Continue reading

YouTube-Apps Going Offline for November

This November will YouTube introduce an offline feature, which allows users to save videos in a period and view them without internet connection.

YouTube will have even more views of the service’s videos, and a new offline mode for mobile applications is therefore imminent.

Offline action has been announced on the so-called “YouTube Creator Blog”. Here it appears that users can store videos via the mobile apps in a shorter period of time, so it will be possible to see them without a connection to the Internet.

-“Keep your eye on the YouTube blog, when this will be released in november, in order to get more details about how it will work for users,” it sounds higher.

In august released YouTube incidentally a greater app-update for Android and iOS. You can see more about the august update in the video below.

Insurance Company in Favour of Digitallas

A new digitallas makes you can unlock the door from the smart phone Alm. Fire is positive for the development of the lock market.

A new digitallås, which is developed by Ruko a/s and Dansikring Direct Veri sure, makes your smartphone will be your front door key. This is according to Alm. Fire insurance is a positive development.

An integrated digitallas connected to an application on your smartphone from Danish Ruko and Dansikring Direct Veri acid can help to transform the way we open and locks our home. It may mean you no longer need to have the keys with, but instead they are in your smartphone. Continue reading

“Only with Condoms” Application Is a Hit

A new mobile game, which should inform about sexually transmitted diseases, has been a big hit.The game is part of a major campaign.

The application “Rub’it” is a game, which is developed in the context of the health protection agency’s campaign “Only with condoms”, which has been running the past two weeks ‘ time.

-“You were whacked by Gonorrhea”, this is the cash reporting in Rub’it, if one shoots the condom because the orange bacterium (Gonorrhea), which is a in the amount of sperm cells, herpes, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Continue reading

The Entire English Wikipedia Fits into a 9.7 GB File

There are several ways to access an offline version of Wikipedia, is for desktop applications, their respective versions for mobile or even DVDs sold by companies affiliated with known online encyclopedia. But they all fail in one respect: do not offer all available items, some barely reach 2 000 of them. Yesterday own Wikipedia announced that solved this problem, providing all the encyclopedia into a giant file of 9.7 GB. Continue reading

Nestle: Android 4.4 Coming in October

Android has published the name of the next Android version and now marketed by Nestle KitKat to 4.4 Android October month.

Android surprised us all earlier this month when they announced the name of the next Android version. Many had expected that version would get the name Key Lime Pie, but it gets so the name Android 4.4 KitKat.

It now also published Android 4.4 KitKat comes in the month of October, but this is not happening from Android though – on the other hand, it is Nestle, which stands behind the chocolate KitKat, KitKat may publish Android 4.4 is released during the month of October. Continue reading

iPad Mini 2-New Images Reveal New Color

Without a doubt, working on a new Apple iPad Mini, which may be presented in the next month.See the latest images.

The French techsite our site who previously leaked Apple news, has published new images of what supposedly is the new iPad Mini, writes our site.

The form is immediately the same as on the first iPad Mini and the choice of materials is also looking much the same.

However, the color of the metal on the back was different and more dark. There are probably talking about the same “space gray”, as Apple introduced on the iPhone 5S and fifth generation iPod Touch.

The gray version will probably replace the classic black model, as scratches and instruction signs are seen less on the dark gray surface.