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How to Wear a Knitted Dress

The relaxed knitted dress is perfect for autumn and what is the easiest garment to put on those mornings when there are too tired to spend in front of the cabinet to stay many minutes pondering. This Lexington gray Mya Dress is this fall’s collection. The dress is slightly thicker fabric and college countries also feel wonderfully warm above. It goes well with the ankle boots with sneakers, depending on my mood a little-day, in this configuration, combined with the latter.The arm swings while Antigona – oh that I am happy with your purchase!

These images show for the first time also slightly darkened my hair. We rejected the idea of a gradient-reported that during the exchange of a growing root growth that is ultimately tri-color hair might not be very picturesque sight – So we decided to put a darker stripes mix. Top was yes small difficulties habit (and still it always seems one of the light gray eye, hehe), but now the tone a bit vaalennuttuakin it seems already contribute more. To spend at least not have to worry about root growth over the next half a year!

Beginning of the week comes from here going to be pretty tight, while Wednesday is the deadline a couple of different sides of the same show when kandiin should be all the time to get more pages. I said yesterday when browsing the calendar, that only three weeks for a refund – in south! End of the week while I go to Helsinki again after a nice An assignment, however, make a wonderful to spend a few days there, then get to see so friends like these new family member in the final week 🙂 So while waiting, now show press – a nice start of the week for you!

A knitted dress is probably the easiest and comfiest garment for fall! I really love this one from Lexington, it’s called Mya dress and it’s from the current fall collection. I really like how versatile it is – you can wear it with both sneakers or ankle boots depending on your mood that day. Here’s when I had a very casual feeling, how do you like the outfit?

My week is going to be very busy and I have a couple of deadlines on Wednesday, and of course I should write my thesis as well. I realized yesterday when checking on my agenda that I only have three weeks left before my thesis has to be done! It means many hours on the library. On Thursday I’m travelling to Helsinki once again for a work thing, but I’m glad to have time to meet my friends and family as well. Looking forward to it, have a great week you all!

How Many Gigabytes a Person Spends Per Month on a Fixed Broadband Connection

Driven by Vivo, operators that sell fixed connection to broadband Internet began to move in order to establish or to assert the data reliefs contained in the contract. The example of what already happens with the mobile Internet, if that is forward soon will need to keep an eye on the consumption of your home connection otherwise, extrapolating the contractual limit, be disconnected or have severely reduced speed.

For the consumer, it is a clear setback. More than that, it is an extra difficulty having to measure this type of consumption and make contortions not to pass the established quota. Unlike mobile connection, usually restricted to the smartphone or a lot, it and one or another device (tablet, notebook), the Internet via fixed connection feeds a multitude of devices, if today can already be large, with Internet of things emerging tends to become huge. Just as today it is impossible to count how many products equipped with a chip have at home, in the near future we will not know to speak, ready, how many will be connected .

The worst is that Anatel, which should monitor and curb attempts to degrade the quality of services offered by telecom, said in a statement that the imposition of limits to fixed broadband is “beneficial” to the consumer. According to Carlos Baigorri, competition superintendent of Anatel, “there is not a single consumer, so for those who are below average, consumes less, the limit is better. And worse for those who consume too much.”

The justification is weak because it collides with vague concepts. “Very”, “little”, what does that mean in terms of broadband? And even if these subjective terms are converted into exact numbers invariably be worse than “no limit”. Today, even with net and hi with the forecast contract in franchise are very rare cases the application who exceeds these limits.

In addition to more network-connected devices terms, the actual use made of it is increasingly dependent on data, high quality streaming, heavy games, real-time collaboration video … All this calls for more and more data. Today the only hassle of downloading a game on steam, for example, is the delay in the download, due to the sole criterion for differentiation in the prices charged by operators, the access speed. You pay more for a faster connection.

In the new Vivo plans to franchise varies according to the contracted plan, ie, speed and traffic limits go together. Deductibles range from 10GB per month, which is pathetic, but appropriate to the equally bad speed of 200 Kb/s – which, in reality, nor should it be subsumed in the concept of “broadband” – 130GB, which they can be downloaded to 25 Mb/s. (Downloading at full speed, the limit would reach in very short 11 hours, 49 minutes and 58 seconds.)

Without thinking much, without resorting to calculations, now you can draw these limits are low. But I wanted to know how low they are. So I gathered some data and submitted myself to an almost manual measurement of my consumption data in order to get a more precise answer. Let the numbers?

Soup Numbers

The NET informs said customer panel, in real time, month data consumption. Vivo ensures that a similar tool will be made available to customers when the deductible limit comes into force, something planned for early 2017.

Otherwise, you need to chase tools to do this monitoring.

The easiest way depends on your router. Some models have a built-in monitor consumption, then just enter the administrative area of ​​it to check how many gigabytes have been downloaded and sent in a given period. Third-party firmwares as the famous DD-WRT also offer the feature, but here the problem is to put at risk the equipment in a delicate operation;if everything is working well, there is no reason to do so.

My router does not have a traffic monitor and, as he never gave me a headache, not cogito change your firmware for DD-WRT. So, I opted for a tool at a higher level in the network architecture: the application.

There are clear disadvantages to monitor traffic via apps, most of them being the inability to access any network traffic. In the test I conducted, I have restricted myself to the computer. There are some applications that do this monitoring and, in the case of OS X, Apple’s operating system, the Activity Monitor does this natively.

For a week before bed, open Activity Monitor and I jotted down the day of consumption in a small notebook – as did the old. Like this:

  • 24/2: DOWN, 1.95GB; PU 206MB.
  • 25/2: DOWN, 1.36GB; PU 178MB.
  • 26/2: DOWN, 985MB; PU 129MB.
  • 27/2: DOWN, 1.86GB; PU 238MB.
  • 28/2: DOWN, 319MB; UP, 34MB.
  • 29/2: DOWN, 1.34GB; PU 157MB.
  • 1/3: DOWN, 2.25GB; PU 147MB.

Adding download and upload consumption and then taking the average on the computer I spend 1.59GB of data per day. Multiplying by 30 (days in the month), we arrive at 47.7GB. By Vivo offers according to the speed of my connection I would already be very close to the monthly limit – 50GB in the 4 Mb/s connection; mine, of GVT-in-brief-Play is 5 Mb/s.

My use of the computer is relatively light. No game, no Netflix see, what else do is web browsing, e-mail and Twitter. Neither YouTube I see a lot; the channels that accompany videos and larger – read with more than five minutes – usually see on TV. This is important because, as I said up there, the computer is just part of everyday life.

How much Netflix consumes the service itself responds : up to 3GB per hour of high-definition content. Almost every day I see some series or video, there or on YouTube, for about an hour. So we can put in the account over 3GB daily.

Spotify is also another. Having subscribed to the Premium mode, the app gives me the option of streaming high quality files with bit rate of 320 Kb/s. Here the account is simple: 320 * 60 (seconds)/8 (bits conversion bytes) = 2400KB, or 2.4MB per minute. Multiply the result by 60 and reached 115.2MB per hour, which is much, on average, I hear the music all day.

There are other factors that add. Smartphone, for example. In WhatsApp times centralizing the digital lives of many people and serving as a central receiving and distribution of photos and videos, Facebook with automatic video to feed and upload photos and videos in the background to the cloud, is not a dispensable piece.

I found no tool for smartphones that monitor the Wi-Fi traffic. By working at home, use relatively little to carrier data connection, 3G/4G. Not to let this important field blank, open the historical operator’s data consumption that the system itself generates. Ali indicates that since December 28, two months ago, so I downloaded and send 1GB of data. Extrapolating on the basis that, proportionally, use the phone at home (on Wi-Fi), multiplied by four this value, reaching 2GB/month. Note that, I believe, this is a conservative estimate. It would not surprise me to discover that consumption more than that each month, the smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Update (14:30): After publication of the post, some readers pointed apps for iOS that make this work. They are: My Data Manager (Free) and WifiMan ($3.99). Thanks to Paul Higa and Bernardo Ferrari!

I still have a tablet and, occasionally, friends and family go home and use the Wi-Fi. Disregarding them, only I consume almost 5GB per day, or 150GB per month, above the most generous plan that Vivo offers in new contracts, that is 130GB.

My profile is economical and delete, account, sporadic events – system updates and download apps, for example. Also not counted the online matches of FIFA/Need for speed ​​and game updates. Indeed, imagine someone who buy at least one AAA game per month, which is not something from another world. Simply download it is able to add some tens of gigabytes In – The Division at the time the best selling game on steam, occupies 40GB of space.

And more: I live alone. According to the latest census IBGE, 2010, an average of 3.34 people living in each household. Although consumption I auferi be cut in half trebled it gets bigger – this hypothetical house with three people who consume half of what I consume come to the end of the month with 225GB costs.


Table Decorations for Dining Table

Those who do not feel well while eating at a table pretty?

A stylish detail can make any meal an interesting experience.

And, get someone to eat in a decorated table can be a very pleasant ritual for a good host.

The decoration of the table is something that is becoming more and more popular.

No matter the meal! Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner … In any situation, you can create a whimsical table.

The dining area can be a lot more fun than you think. There is no doubt that a well decorated table does anyone feel more pleasure to taste the food.

An object of decoration that makes the greatest success at the dinner table is the sousplat. Read su-plá. The sousplat is that larger dish used to trim all the other dishes. Sousplat comes from the French and means originally under plate (sous-plat). Charger and service plate are the expressions in English to placemat.

They add texture, color and pattern to the table. The utility is decorative. Also, help to protect the towel/the table and do not leave the plates slide on the table.

Some say they are useful for trimming that food that “jump” out of the top plate. Will be?

Food should never be served directly at the placemat. And, when the time for dessert, the label professionals recommend that placemat be removed from the table.

There are various styles and types of placemats. The trends are: placemat of rattan, placemat gold, silver placemat … The placemat of mdf coated with fabric are also on the rise.

The placemat of fabric is pure creativity. Imagine using the circle of MDF and each dinner use a different fabric?

And, the colors make all the difference in the decoration. The placemat adds rhythm to the table. It is often combined with the color of the napkins, along with other objects (flower arrangement, flower color, candlesticks …). It is possible to combine colors and create contrasts.

Neutral colors can be combined with almost any other colors. If there is any doubt on how to combine, choose classic colors and neutral. Can’t miss!

The placemat is doing so well that it is not restricted only to the decor of the dining room table! Brides have come to adopt him in wedding decor. And, really, the placemat makes all the difference in the decoration of this kind of party!

Lisa Mende Design, Location salle 44, Pottern Barn, Style me Pretty


Vintage Wedding Dresses by Alberta Ferretti

wedding dresses by Alberta Ferretti once again rely on the concept of retro romanticism that does justice to the beauty and elegance of its collections. Today we want to present you the new line dedicated to brides who will go up on the altar next year. A romantic collection to discover!

The creations of Alberta Underwire BU i always stand for that elegant aftertaste vintage romance that also likes the more modern bride, provided, however, that he intends to wear a classic suit, which has nothing to do with the triviality of the old dresses somewhat démodé. So Alberta Ferretti to the aspiring bride 2015 offers a variety of solutions ranging from the typical outfit slipped to the fluffy full of tulle, but with an elegance that you look good by the vulgarity of some padded skirts to layers and layers of ruffles. Continue reading

H&M Summer Swimwear Reviews

H & M, swimwear Summer 2014. The Swedish giant economic fashion launches its beautiful beachwear line, a collection of costumes in all the most beautiful forms, from classic triangle bikini with a bandeau models which in recent years have increasingly Popular, without forgetting bikini with push-up cups, trikini and swimsuits. H & M to the mix also adds a vibrant color choice, so room for articles uni united in pastel tones but also to multicolor patterns or printed equally glamorous.

Wholesaleably is very skilled in following the trends of the moment, there he proved with his clothing collection Spring / Summer 2014, one of the most attractive on the international fashion scene. Despite being a brand specializing in low cost clothing, H & M finds a way to adapt the coolest trends and must-have of the period to leaders who do not quite know how to go unnoticed.

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2012 Wedding Dresses

Photos of 2012 wedding dresses . Today there are many and varied dresses brides, different shades of white, rose, beige, soft Greens, red notes colors for all tastes, cortes symmetrical, geometric, stripes, feathers, bright, smooth, with lace, knotted, with flowers, rough, and all the fabrics that you can imagine and combined, there are very tight to the body with a generous cleavage or the classics with cancan and strapless , Andalusian styles ruffled very creative and tight hips, or medieval styles of wide sleeve and small flowers at the neck, crystals, lace, embroidery, etc.

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Short Dresses for Promotion

Currently the prom is one of the very important dates in the life of young students.

So then I leave some short dresses designs so you can choose the best and wear it for that long awaited day and thus look like Prom Queen.

Short dresses are very juvenile, since left show off legs. Therefore, if you decide to use a short dress for your prom, do not hesitate to that will look great and rest assured that attract the eyes of the guests and especially the more young people.

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Trendy Sweaters: They’ll Parade and Warm!

Tropical temperatures close to us, although the days of waiting, but it’s certainly not a reason to postpone summer pieces. Just take a light sweater, which will suit us and warm us. In combination with summer dresses and shorts will look great!

Buys a light sweater in trendy colors definitely not regret. In summer you will come in handy when the temperature is too high not scale, or on cooler summer evenings. In autumn and winter you will appreciate it as a great partner under a blazer, jacket or coat. Sweater is simply required all year round.

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Waterproof Speaker Bluetooth Fugoo Tough

Fugoo sells its waterproof speaker Tough as the world most resistant Bluetooth model. Its battery lasts a whopping 40 hours and its design is so cool that no doubt will surprise your friends.

For more information, you can take a look at the overview and the testing of Fuggo Tough in the offer we show you on this article.

Internally, the device has a number of conductors: two tweeters, two drivers of media /woofer and two passive radiators for deep bass. This makes it ideal for use on the beach, in the bathroom, or even attached to the back of one all-terrain vehicle. In general, this speaker is an alternative to all the music lovers who want a speaker so you can enjoy your music anywhere. That said, the price can scare some people, but is worth what it costs. You can jump over to note that some Wireless helmets in some situations.

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Gym Wear for Men

Everyone wants to go to the gym with comfortable clothing without sacrificing elegance. A sport requires comfortable garments made from fabrics that breathe the skin, and that with its accessories, allow us to run our business, in full freedom. Not to underestimate the clothing to use in training, we can give you some advice about how he should dress in a man’s gym.

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Coats: all Models For Winter

The coat is one of the cult pieces of the cold season, it is beautiful, elegant and noble and should be chosen very carefully, because the price is always very high and, with rare exceptions, never lasts a season but rather for years. The walkways of the collections autumn winter 2010 2011 have been invaded by coats, each designer has given his own interpretation and we, we have to do is choose the one most suited to our style.

The coats are a must-have for women, especially models that have gone down in history as the legendary 101 881 Max Mara which was again produced and you can buy online. Even with coats designers enjoy playing, as he did with the austere Fendi coat with voilant, or Moschino Cheap and Chic decorating collar with a rhinestone waterfall.

Patrizia Pepe, Miss Sixty and Killah we have proposed mini capsule collection to introduce the coats for the new season.

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New Year Table Decorations to Make

New Year’s Day is near, so you can start planning the celebration of Christmas and New Year. If you want to celebrate the New Year at home, with family and friends, it is important not only beautiful to decorate the interior, but also pay special attention to the festive table setting. And although we have taken to force the entire surface of the table of salads and other holiday dishes, offer inspired ideas of how to make the original decor New Year’s table, to create a pleasant festive atmosphere.

When serving the New Year table it is important to strike a balance between all meals Location Facilities and decoration. On the beautiful pictures we often only see the festive decorations and serving, which occupy almost all the space of the table. “And where to put the food?” – You ask? Here it should be remembered that, firstly, the pictures reflect only the general idea of ​​decorating, you can wholly or partially used. Secondly, most of the ideas of decoration are borrowed from Western Europe and the USA, where the symbolism and tradition to celebrate Christmas somewhat different from our meeting of the New Year. Often there is such a variety of festive dishes, they are not put directly on the table or next to the main dining table is optional, with a meal. That is why it is possible to make out nice and bright central composition New Year’s table and lay the table according to the rules of etiquette. But remember, in all important sense of proportion and style, it is not necessary to fill up a table with toys and cones recommended by Shopareview.

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Simple Wedding Dresses

Mainly these beautiful dresses give glamour to the wedding and make it enhance the beauty of your figure.

So you can see which are the simple and elegant wedding gown, I recommend that you continue reading this post in detail.

Mainly simple wedding dresses loas give an extra elegance thanks to the minimalism of its forms, seams and textiles.

dress of the bride always must be consistent with his personality, his tastes and achieve harmony with the rest of your look.

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Beautiful Ideas for Decorating Bedroom

To decorate you need to find a middle ground between the taste of the couple. Because of this, many couples decide to choose neutral decor. In this way, both are satisfied with the result. To decorate it is necessary to hear the opinion of another, so that, so both be happy with the double room wall decor.

It is important that when decorating the items selected help in organization and practicality, all to help ease the lives of two. Besides all this, it is also important to create a warm and romantic for the couple. Just by having more clothes, both as the other, the room can end up becoming disorganized. In this case, furniture to help organize are great choices for decorating your environment. Also it is very important to keep the drawers and cupboards well organized and separate the space of each, so that nothing can be mixed and messy.

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How to Make a Dress from a Skirt and Top

It’s fun to buy clothes for the girl, and even more fun to do if you are the creative type. There is no reason to buy the fabric, if you have an old T-shirt. A little improvisation is all it takes to turn into a well-worn clothes cute dress a little girl. Children grow up quickly and is difficult to keep up with their wardrobe, so instead of spending a lot of money on clothes, recycled or re-purpose an old t-shirt for something new for your growing little girl. There are dozens of options, but sometimes a more simple method is the best way to get the task done.

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