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Take Good Care of Your Plant with the Vessel

In addition to the tractional versions, the planters are suitable for larger plants, and cachepots, for growing indoors. Learn all about the products!

They bring life and joy to the environment and also help to purify the air of the house. Plants and flowers are also certainly fundamental for decoration of the rooms, especially if they are in beautiful vases, cachepots or dungarees.

With so many models, it is common you get questions about which product to choose to best accommodate your plan. If you choose to crop species that grow little, stick with the common vessels made from ceramic materials, plastic, glass, metal and coconut fiber. The products can be used both on the ground and on walls with the aid of a suitable support.

If you grow larger species or want to plant different flowers in one piece, the ideal is to take home the bib, type of vessel with larger structure, compared to the traditional model. Aware of the different needs of its customers, there are medium versions, large and extra-large, with designs and colors to suit all tastes. Continue reading

Self Portraits Made Easy: Selfie Apps for Android

Selfies are still extremely popular especially in social networks. So that you can select the self portraits, edit, and publish, there are a number of Selfie apps for Android. We have compiled a list of common and unusual applications.

Photochron: Snapshots at Regular Intervals

The free application Photocron works as a mnemonic device: once a day you will be reminded to take a snapshot. The made pictures a short time lapse film can be created from then on demand, which makes visually visible daily changes — the most common example might be Noah, who for six years has made this. The images are viewable as a slideshow. This kind of photo diary is especially effective if you take up the Selfie always in the same place.

1 Second Everyday: A Selfie Video Daily

The principle of application 1 second everyday is so similar to that of Photocron – short film sequences are recorded here but instead of photos. So you can hold effective not only yourself, but also the tone and the atmosphere in a place. The app automatically sorted the recordings to date and can remember every day at the reception. The short film sequences can be collected depending on the need for a week, a month or a year and published directly in social networks. Also 1 second everyday is available in the store in the play by Google.

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Nokia Superman: Windows Phone for Selfies in the Making

A Smartphone for Selfies in good quality? By the end of 2014, the Nokia Superman to appear, which will have a front-facing camera with high resolution as a major feature. Thus the current trend of Selfies Microsoft takes advantage.

The camera on the front of the Nokia Superman to absorb five megapixel images, reported the verge. The information should come from an insider of Microsoft circles. Since a high resolution at Nokia is usually reserved for the camera on the back, the Superman Smartphone introduces a significant change. Also in the competition, mobile phones in the medium price range usually have a front-facing camera, whose Auflösung lies between one and two megapixels.

Mid-Range Smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft rolls out usually updates of its operating systems along with new devices – thus, it is likely that the Nokia Superman is published together with the second update for Windows phone 8.1 end of the year. The first update to released in July, which would be something very early for a release of the new smartphones.

Of course, you can independently make good Selfies by the Nokia Superman–a researcher has found out what you have to look at the self portraits and packaged this in a formula. There is also the occasional practical Selfie-app – both Android and iOS.

History of the Hat

Hats ―al between same as caps, berets, visors, hats, caps and headdresses, neither have not only aesthetic and fashion purposes. Also have functional uses: use them to protect us from the cold or the Sun; the blue helmets of the United Nations use them to identify themselves as peace corps; the construction workers to protect themselves from the fall of hard materials; the military used them as a badge of rank, position, or nationality; the area of medicine and food workers use it for health, and others take them for religious reasons or as part of the uniform.

1. Century XIX

During the first half of the 19th century, female hats were still flamboyant, decorated with ribbons, flowers, feathers and furs. At the end of the century, sports and baseball snapback was introduced, such as the wide-brimmed capelines, and even smaller, as hits.

The male Hat remained very sober. The high top hat became fashionable ―tambien known as hat or galera―, with straight Cup and short wing. At the end of the 19th century, another style became fashionable for men: the bowler, with a rounded Crown and wing short, sometimes just folded up.

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When is the iPhone 6 Coming Out? Probably on September 19th!

It’s Out: iPhone 6 Coming Out in September

When does the iPhone 6 on the market and it has a new name – these questions deal with the Apple fans like no other. That the release date likely will be in September, has been confirmed by a new source. As the name for the iPhone 6 “iPhone air” Meanwhile circulating around the Internet. Learn here how much both it is!

Who has reported on products of Apple specialist blog Mac rumors that the new iPhone 6 in the last two weeks of August in large quantities by China in the United States is delivered a clear indication that the launch of the iPhone 6 in the United States is imminent? Looks like it. Supposedly, the blog has the info from a source which he classifies as “confidential”. The iPhone 6 is probably presented in the first half of the month of September, not stationary but still, if both versions of the iPhone 6 on the same day are presented.

Apple Will Present Two New iPhone 6

Apple of new iPhone 6 in two sizes, with a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch display, as it stands, will bring out. Apple response to the increased demand for larger displays. All major smartphone manufacturers have devices with screens in the program that are larger than the 4 inches, that iPhone 5, 5C and 5S waiting on Apple.

The 19 September is considered for the presentation of the iPhone 6 Friday, most likely. Alternatively, Apple could but even at 12 or only on September 26 so far his new iPhone has presented in the past few years always on a Friday.

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Mobile Phone Giant Samsung: Bad Numbers and An Ambush

Mobile Phone Giant Samsung Makes Less Profit and A Camp was Also Raided

The mobile phone giant Samsung’s wounded: the industry leader and cell phone giant Samsung has in the third quarter in a row less profit made. The main reasons are seen in the world’s lower demand and the fight with the Artsy competition from the far East. And as if that wasn’t enough, even a factory of South Koreans in Brazil was invaded.

The mobile phone giant from South Korea had retracted 2014 still a gain of 7.2 trillion won in the second quarter, converted about 5.2 billion euros. For unsereinen, this is a more than just nice penny for a mobile phone giants such as Samsung, however a real debacle, because with that amount figures the company declined again by massive 24.5 percent. The mobile giant’s presents to the worst quarterly result since 2012. what?

Like most other companies in the industry, also the mobile phone giant Samsung must fight against the currently declining demand. With new attractive smartphone models such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung now is to draw even with the MOP out of the mess. The tablets, which increasingly wants to sell the mobile phone giant Samsung should help. According to experts, the competition, which offered cheaper entry-level phones, the main problem is for Samsung, however.

Raided Factory of Samsung in Brazil

The mobile phone giant in Brazil was badly caught by Crooks, who were probably pretty good planning their coup. While Jogis of guys prepared on their historic victory against the World Cup host country, twenty heavily armed raided a Samsung factory in Campinas near São Paulo. They captured a few employees and with their access codes in the factory. There they stole 40,000 electronic devices that invited them in seven trucks, which then belonged to the thief’s loot. No one was injured, for Samsung with the damage but on about six million dollars.

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Half of Germans Takes Android Better than iOS

Forsa interviewed nationwide the Germans, what they look for, if they buy a Smartphone. One of the results: half of all respondents is better than iOS to Android, and would decide on buying more for an Android Smartphone. On behalf of Congstar, Forsa has 1,015 people (of 514 people with a Smartphone and 501 people, who have not a Smartphone) in November and December 2013 between 14 and 59 then asked, what is important to them in your Smartphone and on what they pay special attention, if it is buy one. A part of the results was published by Congstar.

According to the survey, the operating system is the most important decision on which it is to make sure before buying Smartphone for 38 percent of the respondents. Clear favorite in: Android. Just under half (49 percent) of those surveyed in the Forsa poll said that they prefer the Android operating system with regard to design, number of apps and the ease of use. The younger target group, this decision was even clearer: in the 14-to 29-year old, 54 percent are available on Android. Only 30 percent of those surveyed opted for Apple’s iOS operating system, were 7 percent for Windows phone.

Wonder: the quality of the Smartphone was those important! 54 percent want apps that are working properly, 51 percent want a good picture and sound quality, and 52 percent that your Smartphone is easy to use it is important. An attractive design and a good camera is overall more important than men women. 64 percent of respondents use their Smartphone to surf on the go, almost as many (63 percent) phone calls and texting too. Unusual: For most, the Smartphone is just a commodity. Only one-fifth of 14-29 year olds its Smartphone seen as a status symbol, among older users, there are only 10 percent

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Does the Galaxy S5 with A Super QHD Display?

Presents the Korean Samsung Smartphone manufacturer its new Galaxy S5 may next year in spring? A lot speaks for it. Also there is growing the rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a high-resolution Super QHD display will be equipped. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5 expected, then the most rumors turn currently the display, the Smartphone will be equipped with the. So, notes that the Galaxy S5 with a high-resolution Super QHD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels could be equipped come from Korea. Also, it is said Samsung wants present his flagship Smartphone allegedly already on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. Previously, it was assumed that Samsung his new Galaxy S5 later would introduce on an own event, as it has always done the company.

Sure seems to be, in any case, that has already completed the development of the super sharp QHD screen and mass production that is already started. This increases the chance that the S5 in the Galaxy with this new, super sharp display will be equipped. An other news is, however, of the Samsung equip his Galaxy S5 with PLS LCD displays. These are far more favorable than the AMOLED screens, previously used by Samsung and show the screen in much more natural colors. However, because the AMOLED screens are almost a trademark of the Korean Smartphone manufacturer with their rich colors, is rather not to assume that the company turns away from this display.

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What is ISO?

The term iso comes from the Greek. Derived from ἴσος, ἴση, ἴσον (PR. isos, ise, ison) whose concept is the same. With that source also appoints the acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-the International Standardization Organization, in Spanish International Organization for standardization.

Definition of ISO

It is the international entity that is responsible for carrying out the development of manufacturing, trade or communication standards internationally for all industrial branches. Its fundamental mission is to find the standardization of products and safety standards both in public and private entities as well as for international companies.


According to abbreviation finder, this organization was created in 1947, after the second world war. Its headquarters are in Geneva (Switzerland) from where it coordinates the system composed by national bodies among which you can find to AENOR of Spain, Germany DIN, AFNOR of France, among others.

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Android 5.0: Nexus 5 And 6 Support RAW Format

Raw image data thanks to Android 5.0 Lollipop: as CNET reported, resourceful app developers have begun to use a new feature in Google’s operating system. It allows you to take pictures in RAW format with the Smartphone, what has been so far impossible. RAW images contain significantly more picture information and provide greater flexibility in the post-production.

So far, the RAW function was reserved to owners of digital SLR and compact cameras. However, with the arrival of Android this condition changes now 5.0 lollipop, according to At least for some selected devices. In the Smartphone world, there hardly devices supporting RAW format, now ever two Android devices have according to CNET the function: the Google nexus 5 and the nexus 6. In conjunction with the Android users can shoot now 5.0 lollipop update as well as the FV-5-app camera photos in RAW format. Here, the camera brings the complete image data after the digitization largely without processing on the storage medium. As a result, maximum flexibility is given.

Android 5.0 Nexus 5 And 6 Support RAW Format

RAW Images With Android 5.0: Pros And Cons

In addition to the aforementioned flexibility also the image quality is increased by the RAW format, because the photos with a higher color depth are stored. This occur, for example, finer gradations in the light and dark area. Since all image data is backed up, the feature allows more options in subsequent image processing. An obvious disadvantage of RAW image files, however, is that the more detailed image information need significantly more disk space than is the case for example in a heavily compressed JPEG file.

If and when other smartphone manufacturers tap into Android 5.0 buried function for storing RAW files with their camera apps that lollipop and so expose it, is not known.

So You Take Photos Of Great Photos With The Google Nexus 5

Stunning photos with the Google nexus 5: is the main camera of 5 nexus with the resolution of 8 MP comparatively weak – for the camera app of your Smartphone offers you a variety of configuration options. In this way, you can achieve impressive results and give a professional look to your photos. Here, you can find out how you can optimally use the settings of the nexus 5.

So You Take Photos Of Great Photos With The Google Nexus 5

Use HDR Mode

The HDR mode of the nexus 5 allows you to get even sharp photos when lighting conditions within the photographed area vary greatly. If, for example, a point is very bright, your motif but relatively dark, the HDR mode can compensate for this. To do this, the camera takes several pictures on, which afterwards will be fused to a photo. Therefore, it is important that you keep very quiet that nexus 5 in HDR mode. Also, this mode primarily for recording outdoor suitable. To open the camera app and tap the circle, the right at the bottom on the display. Now opens the menu, in which the point of “HDR” is displayed.

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The Sweater and Its History

The sweater, as it is known to the woven garment that can be thick or thin, open or closed, various materials and styles is a piece of clothing that has become essential in any wardrobe.

Its origins

Although the weaving techniques date, according to, before of our era, these were mainly used for the realization of tights and leggings. It was not until the 17 and 18th centuries, the tissue was established as an occupation between the inhabitants of the Scottish islands who manufactured socks, sweaters, socks and accessories.

The Island Fair techniques were used to make colorful patterns and with them sweaters, which were the basic garment for fishermen, who used them to protect themselves from the harshness of the climate.

Many elaborate designs were created, such as stitch cord used in sweaters Aran, and whose technique was developed at the beginning of the 20th century in Ireland.

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Sony Xperia Z4: First Camera Image Gel Act

It is a photo of the Sony Xperia Z4 gel Act. This is however only indirectly from the hardware: according to XperiaBlog it should be: a sample recording of the main camera – indicates the model name.

Sony Xperia Z4 First Camera Image Gel Act

What is clear from previous leaks about hardware components of the Xperia Z4 model number of the next top model “E6553” should be. The currently gel file photos should be taken up with a device with just that name. The resolution of the image with 5248 x 3936 pixels can be close with 20.7 mega pixels on a camera – also suggested is already in previous leaks out.

Still Not Particularly Significant

Because it is so far only to a single photo, let Z4 sensor change hardly draw conclusions about the general quality of the Xperia. The landscape recording was apparently shot in best light conditions. As the resolution in contrast to its predecessor has not grown, are new features – better quality in schummrigem light – although likely, but currently still do not derive.

Recordings of the hardware of the device are rare. For Renderbilder are gel Act already showing a white smartphone from all sides. We have collected all the information so far available for you in the continuously updated overview of rumors to the Xperia Z4. An official announcement could be made in April, maybe we have to be patient us until November.

Google Photos: The Photo App With Unlimited Storage Space Is Here

You remember Picasa? Was Google’s competition with Flickr – a long, long time until the photo storage service became a part of Google +. Now, the Group has released his photo offer from the social network and offers easy image editing and unlimited storage for photos.

Google is available in the course of the day under and as Android and iOS app to download photos. The service will be secure and private home for all of your photos and videos and be accessible from anywhere.

Search More Easily For Photos

Google photos to give you more overview of your many photos and sort your images not only after the recording date. In addition, recognizes the app people, places, and events and displays all matching images in a browser. A search function may not be missing, which took in the demonstration at the keynote of Google I/o about the photos of a snow storm or a baseball game.

Google Photos The Photo App With Unlimited Storage Space Is Here


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Xiaomi Mi4c: Test Shots Show The Quality Of The Sony Camera Sensor

Hardly the Xiaomi Mi4c is official, there a Weibo users published photos that were shot with the camera of the powerful mid-range smartphones. The recordings here demonstrate the quality of Sony IMX258 sensor, which is mounted in a part of the production lot.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S6, because not all units of Xiaomi Mi4c have the same sensor. So the Sony IMX258 as well as the Samsung S5K3M2 be used. The Sony component while waiting with some features which provide better image quality. A camera so equipped is up and running as quickly and delivers low-noise results as PhoneArena reports.

Quality At A Bargain Price

On Weibo, photos have surfaced even before the release of Xiaomi Mi4c incurred with the mentioned Sony sensor. As notes the author of the images, especially the shots in low light conditions are better than with previous devices.

The pictures show among others of the Chinese town of Dali old town, around the old East Gate with an overcast sky and a panorama of the surrounding mountains. Although the Xiaomi Mi4c is not a premium model, the quality of the photos but for a machine of this price range seems unusual to be high. The starting price for the Xiaomi Mi4c is $ $204; roughly $ 235 – a bargain, is the most expensive but, for example, a Snapdragon 808 like in the LG G4 integrated. A Germany start is for the Smartphone so far unfortunately still not announced.

Xiaomi Mi4c Test Shots Show The Quality Of The Sony Camera Sensor