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Nokia Refocus-New Photo Application for Nokia Lumia

With the Nokia Nokia Lumia to Refocus, you can move the focus in an image, after the one taken.

Nokia has published yet another new photo app for Nokia Lumia, which makes it possible to move the focus of a picture after it is taken.

The system works by the application takes up a series of five images, where the focus is placed differently on each image.

In after the treatment it is possible to press various spots on the image, to change the focus, make the entire image sharp or add color-pop-effect, in which a particular subject are highlighted in color, while the rest of the image becomes black and white.

Nokia Refocus should be compatible with all Lumia-moddeller from 920 and upwards. At the time of writing is Nokia Rafocus not finding in the Danish Windows Store, but it supports Danish and can be found via the U.S. Windows Phone Large.

Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact And Z Get Ultra New Firmware Update

Again, there are indications of a new firmware update for the Xperia Z1, its compact subsidiary, as well as the Xperia Z ultra. Probably again is a mini update for Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, which aims to remove bugs in the first place. So, an entry of the American certification institution PTCRB has surfaced, where the update was apparently already taken under the microscope.

Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact And Z Get Ultra New Firmware Update

Is there talk of Xperia Z1, Z1 compact and Z ultra does not explicitly, but the code names of the Smartphones are known. For example, the Z1 behind the abbreviation C6903. The upcoming update, however, is build called 14.5.A.0.283. Xperia blog writes that it is apparently a global release.

Lollipop Supply The Z Series As Well As Completed

Lollipop itself may have reached up to the current Xperia Z3 Z-series and its successors and offshoot nearly all devices of the Xperia. So Sony announced last finally the rollout of version 5.0.2 of the operating system update for the granddaddy of the flagships. If it still not reached you have, it should be so soon so far.

When the now submerged update is pending, is not known. The same goes for content. Bug fixes are although pretty sure know what exactly, but currently only the developers. An overview of all devices that have already gotten Lollipop or still to get, can be found here.

Use Your Mobile and Tablet During the Whole Flight

The European aviation authorities now follows the U.S. and opens up for the use of mobile phones and tablets on the flight.

At the end of the month of October, it was allowed for Americans to have their electronic appliances switched on during the whole flight. Now, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) determined that they will make the same rules applicable to European airlines. It writes our site.

It means, therefore, that you have to turn off cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices when the plane prepares to light, as well as during flight and landing.  Continue reading

Therefore, It Is Difficult to Take Moon Pictures with Your Phone

It was hard to take mobile pictures of super Moon? -You are not alone-that is why it is almost impossible.

Several places in Europe, many have probably set the alarm clock to get up in the night and see the phenomenon of “Bloody super Moon” — a phenomenon in which the Moon is very close to the Earth, while the Moon slips into the shadow of Earth.

The Moon was rustrød and with its large size, it was an obvious motive for photographers, and others who wanted to perpetuate the moment that does not occur again before the year 2033.  Continue reading

Basic Lingerie For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a time full of contradictions. When you expect your baby to experience a swirl of emotions: anxiety, fear, happiness, fullness, discomfort. It is a State in which you want to stay forever, but at the same time you can’t wait for it to finish. Comfort is essential to pass through these wonderful nine months and on this we will focus on today’s article.

When a woman thinks of your wardrobe for pregnancy often leave aside the underwear and concentrates on have a nice wardrobe. The truth is that lingerie is extremely important and must be one of the first things to consider, even if generally required from the second trimester of pregnancy, especially because it is in lingerie where you will find the necessary support to wear other clothing. Let’s review the basics.

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LG G5 To Get Snapdragon 820 And Special Sony Camera

Does the manufacturer the G5 of LG again on the Qualcomm chip producers? According to current information from GforGames, the successor of the LG G4 of the Snapdragon 820 to be powered, is expected to early 2016 in mass production.

LG G5 To Get Snapdragon 820 And Special Sony Camera

That the Snapdragon 820 will be installed in the LG G5, rumors had suggest already in August. According to this information, the powerful chip in the LG G4 Pro should be used, but only in the next model of the South Korean company. As recent benchmarks have shown, the LG G5 with the Snapdragon 820 would get the best chip of manufacturer from California.

Custom Camera From Sony

Also, the predecessor of LG G5 are equipped with chipsets from Qualcomm: while the LG G3 uses yet the Snapdragon 801, the LG G4 808 is powered by the Snapdragon. Probably LG wanted to actually use the Snapdragon 810 in his latest top Smartphone, abandoned but then due to the overheating problems of the chips of these plans – what is not beneficial has had in our test on performance of the Smartphone. With the Snapdragon 820 appear these problems now belonging to the past – what is quite likely a usage in the LG G5.

According to GforGames, there are rumors that a powerful camera to be installed in the LG G5. Supposedly resolves MP with 20 and also has a specific 0.5 inch sensor from Sony. This it should not be a sensor “off the rack”, but one that is specially adapted to the high end device by LG. Probably the camera will also have technologies such as optical image stabilization and auto laser focus. Other rumored to users can unlock the LG G5 also have an iris scanner.

Jolla Smartphone Nokia Get HERE Maps and Android Apps

The Finnish smartphone manufacturer Jolla have announced that they have entered into an agreement with Nokia Maps, as well as many Android apps HERE.

The Finnish smartphone manufacturer Jolla announced this week that they have entered into an agreement with card service HERE, which is part of Nokia, so it will now be part of Sailfish US also. It writes

Jolla announced that thousands of Android applications will be available to the Jolla devices through Yandex store’s Android App Store. Jolla revealed that there were about 85,000 applications in 17 categories from the social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, Lapwings and WeChat, as well as games like Angry Birds.

Sales start for Jolla phone is on 27 November in Helsinki via the Finnish operator DNA.

Nexus 6 P Comes with ‘Ultrapixels’ and Topspecifikationer

Huawei Nexus 6 p, Google’s next big mobile, will, among other things, get a special type of pixels, which ensures good photos in the dark.

Now there is not much time for that, Google will unveil two new star phones. The search giant is holding an event tomorrow in which the two long rygtede Nexus phones, LG Nexus 5 x and Huawei Nexus 6 p, will debut.

How many of the details about the LG-produced Nexus 5 x is already out, Huawei had more luck with keeping the cards into the body. Until now.

Leaked presentation slides, as the blog Android police has got his fingers in, shows for what will be the main attractions of Google’s forthcoming top-phablet: a 5.7 inch Quad-HD display, metal casing and a camera that borrows the idea from HTC-Ultrapixel’ ‘ and makes it even better.

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Skeye Nano Drone: This Camera Drone Is Smaller Than The Palm Of Your Hand

TRNDlabs the Skeye Nano drone is the smallest camera drone of the world, which is freely available. It is smaller than the Palm of your hand, can persist in the air but just like their big brothers – as the professional drones of DJI – manufacturer’s and take photos as well as movies. A too high image quality are allowed but not expect her.

The Skeye Nano drone contains four mini-rotors, a camera and measures 3.98 3.98 cm x cm x 2.21 including power source just as report reported genius boy. The mini aircraft on an attached microSD card with a capacity of 2 GB stores the generated photos and videos. However, is the integrated camera for fun pictures or movies of opportunity, sensor picks up with a puny resolution of 0.3 megapixels. The recordings are likely to impact on Smartphone screens still pixelated.

Just A Few Minutes

But even if the Skeye Nano drone a candle not professional Quadricopters for film use in this area, it offers some nice features. So the mini drone required no start and landing: your owner can just throw them in the air – with the activation of the remote control, the drone starts automatically the flight. The Skeye Nano drone by the owner can remove up to 45 meters before the radio contact breaks down.

The drone uses a 120 mAh battery, but holding just for a flight time of three to four minutes with a charge as a power source. But even if the Skeye Nano drone offers only a short flight times and not just Megapixels the camera shows off, is the small plane after all, cheap to have: Just $69 Amazon in the United States for the small aircraft requires including remote control, rechargeable battery, USB cable and card.

Apple Make iWatch in Two Sizes

Analyst says Apple to their wearable deevice iWatch comes in two sizes.

Last month DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh NPD could tell a bit about Apple’s upcoming plans on screen area. Here it became apparent that Apple rates on a iWatch with screens in two sizes, respectively 1.3 and 1.7 inch.

Hsieh bases its information on information obtained from sub-suppliers to the factories that produce Apple products.

Wednesday could Hsieh tell any additional information, which elaborated further the information about the new iWatch.

The two watches, at 1.3 inch and 1.63 inch flexible AMOLED display, get both 320 x 320 pixels resolution, and the difference between the two size should only be found in a men’s and ladies’, writes MacRumors.

Commercial-Free YouTube Maybe from 22.October

Rumors of a commercial-free YouTube have flourished-now suggest something on to 22. October may be the start date.

There are surely many who have been wanting for a commercial-free YouTube Edition. It is on the way says all rumors, but it is of course not free.

YouTube has according to Recode issued new contract terms to the YouTube Partner Program Members, of which it is clear that the new agreement, which refers to a commercial-free YouTube, shall be approved not later than 22. October. Approved the agreement not before 22. oktoner, will members ‘ videos will be made private and no longer be available to the public. Continue reading

The Wedding Abbreviations

The abbreviation is a way to compress words by removing some of the lyrics. The acronym however, they are the initials of an expression or phrase. Both acronyms and abbreviations are widely used in Protocol and even some in our day to day, so I thought to make a compiled which surely we can be useful (perhaps some more than others).

In the case of indications in terms of attire in the invitations, are not treated properly or for abbreviations, or acronyms, however if a code that is worth knowing. I promise a post clothing label.
It is usually included at foot of page the meaning of sentences, however, and just in case, is never more know it:

  • Rigor label. As its name says it indicates obligation go label. Also, please only label.
  • Morning coat or uniform. Mandatory use morning coat or uniform.
  • Frac or uniform with medals. Same as above, you will have to use frac and decorations
  • Suplicada label. It is not obligatory, but it is advisable to go simple label (morning suit or tuxedo for the military uniform) Lords who have no dress can be used an elegant dark suit. The same labeling suplicada is “Please tag”.
  • Black tie. Indicates that the tuxedo is the garment of obligatory use. For ladies determines long dress or cocktail, according to time.
  • White tie. Frac specifies for the men and long gown for ladies, without exception.

The correspondence between the dress of the man and the woman are as follows:

Men Women
FRAC long dress
Each short dress
Tuxedo cocktail or evening dress
Costume dress cocktail or short

Then we see how the dress code at the recent wedding of the Prince of Wales was included.

Acronyms in business cards
Normally, they are usually written initials that explain the reason for shipment, usually when card accompanies invitations, gifts… these initial us are well known.
Maybe sound too traditional, but not at all they are obsolete. With emails, wassups and other forms of rapid communication have slightly lost the habit, but must know how to recognize the occasions that deserve a special detail such as a business card.
As you can see they are in French, and the “official language of the Protocol” is French:

P.C. Pour Condileances. To give a condolences, expressing condolences.
P.F. Pour Féliciter. To wish for something. It also comes Pour Fête.
P.F.C. Pour Faire Connaissance. To introduce, as a form of presentation.
P.F.N.A. Pour Féliciter à l’ occasion du Novel An. As the new year greeting.
P.M. Pour mémoire. To remember or confirm. Used in invitations where it has previously accepted the invitation.
P.P. Pour Presentation or Presenter. To arise.
P.P.C. Pour turns on frozen. To say goodbye.
P.R. Pour Remercier. To give thanks for something.

Abbreviations in the treatments

  • To. Highness
  • A. r.. Royal Highness
  • M. Majesty
  • S.M. His Majesty
  • NTP. Pontiff
  • P. Pope
  • arz. / arzbpo. Archbishop
  • Bishop Monsignor.
  • . / Obpo. Bishop
  • Pdte. President
  • D. Don
  • Mme / Mrs. Doña
  • Happened Eminence
  • Archbishop Eminentisimo
  • E.S. D. His Excellency Mr. Don
  • Exca. / Exc.ª Excellence
  • Excmo. His Excellency
  • I. / i. e / il / bar bar
  • Council / Hon. / llmo. Illustrious, honourable
  • M.I.S. Illustrious Sir
  • R. / Rev. / Rev. Reverend
  • Mr. to. Mr to.
  • Srs or SIRS. Lords (for ladies SARS).
  • Miss Miss.
  • Rvdmo. Most Reverend
  • LIC / Lic. / graduate graduate
  • gdo. / gd. Graduate

Abbreviations and acronyms in the writings. Thanks to Abbreviation Finder webmaster who has provided the following acronyms.

  • AFMO.: Afectisimo.
  • Attn.: carefully.
  • Acts or Atto.: Atento.
  • R.S.V.P: Please reply.
  • s.s.: Server security.
  • s.s.s.: your server security.
  • R.S.V.P.: Respose s’ s’il vous plaît (respond, please)
  • a.m. before noon. Before meridiem.
  • p.m after noon. Post meridiem.
  • d/f. Day date.
  • D.m. God willing.
  • v. View days.
  • ib. Ibid. Also ibid.
  • ID. Idem.
  • Ms. Manuscript.
  • N.B. Note well (Nota Bene).
  • p.a. authorization.
  • P.A. By absence. Both ways are correct, the previous and esta.p.p. Prepaid. Under a signature “by power,” Pral. main.
  • s.e.u.o. Except for error or omission.
  • VDO. Widower/a.


  • B.L.M. kisses hand
  • Q.B.S.M. who kisses your hand
  • D.M. God willing
  • R.I.P. Rest in peace
  • R.I.P. that you rest in peace
  • R.I.P. Resquiescat in pace (rest in peace)
  • S.M.B. in own hand
  • E.S.M.© in your hands
  • Q.E.S.M. he shakes his hand
  • R.D. Royal Decree
  • R.O. Royal order

This is not a subject that makes sigh, however you can do very well when we need to prepare a big event like a wedding or if we work on Protocol, any event that we organize with the presence of authorities or our simple every day.


Apple Ready with New Update-iOS 7.0.4 Released

Apple has just released a new update for iOS 7, it now means the latest iOS update iOS 7.0.4.

Usually, Apple quickly out with small updates after a major release, and this is also the case after iOS 7.

Apple has, in fact, for this evening released iOS 7.0.4, which fills 37.8 MB for iPhone 5S.

The update offers bug fixes and improvements, as well as the solution to a problem where the FaceTime call failed for certain users.

You can wait until your device receives the update or search for the manually-this is done by going into the Settings-General-Software Update.

In addition to iOS 7.0.4, Apple has also released updates to iTunes U and iBooks applications, both of which are completely redesigned.

In addition, Apple also should have issued an update for among other things the generation iPod Touch, which does not support higher than iOS 6.

Overview: iPhone 6S out and Tested, News about Upcoming Flagship Model from Microsoft, LG and Samsung.

Here you can get a quick and simple overview of the biggest stories from the week that was.

Apple new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus landed in the first stores this week and the first reviews give Apple’s new stars a good ride.

This is the first iPhone 6s-and 6s Plus reviews
The first reviews of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is published in these days. The mobile site provides a comprehensive overview of notifiers’ code judgment of the two new iPhones.

iPhone 6s in Denmark-order it here and get it tomorrow
Dealer has already iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in stock-order it here and get delivered tomorrow! Continue reading

Asphalt 8: Airborne out for Windows 8

For gamers with Windows 8 or Windows RT, there is good news: Asphalt 8: Airborne is on the street now.

Are you into fast cars, action and frantic pace? So will Aspahlt 8: Airborne Windows 8 and Windows RT certainly be something for you.

The popular game, where its predecessor was called Asphalt 7: Heat, is out in a new version with more realistic cars and possibility to be flying on various ramps and similar measures.

The game may not be sought at the time of writing appears on the Danish Windows Store, but via the English language, it is possible to find the game forward and install, even if you are using the Danish Windows 8/8.1

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne via Windows Store for 12 dollars.