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These Phones Come on the Shelves in November Month

Tablets and phones for the Christmas trade is slowly on its way out in the Danish shops, view here which comes in the month of november.

Phones and tablets is launched at the moment in a away-it is just before a new per day, so you must not be afraid of Christmas trade is going to have a shortage of Committee.

The past month has Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG signed up on the pitch with the news, which will find its way to the Danish stores during the month of november.

Apple has just started sales in the month of September, in Denmark, of the two new iPhone models and 1. November is the start of the new sales ready with iPad Air and during the month also comes the iPad Mini Retina in range with various distributors, which among other things includes telecommunications operators. Continue reading

Click A Taxi Changes the Concept and Become Drivr

An app and a setup in the cloud is what it takes to create a mother taxi company, believe a Danish company.

At only about two years, Click A Taxi created a both well-known concept, as well as fire, as many running taxi has taken to it. But it is not enough for the Danish entrepreneur company.

From today closed down Click A Taxi as a trade mark and shall be replaced by “Drivr”, who is out with a new application for Android and iOS.

-“We have created a brand new modern turbestillings system, in fact, a virtual trucking company, where customers can view and order cars which is nearby, and follow them on a livemap when they’re on the road,” says Nicholas K, co-founder and co-founder of Drivr. Continue reading

iPad Air-the Only Tablet You Need (Product Tests)

TEST: do you have an iPad, then you should buy the iPad Air. Do you have another tablet, so shift. Have you no so buy iPad Air!

Back in 2010 did I do not know what the iPad was going to do well. Today, like so many others, I must admit that Apple came out with a product that created a new demand for millions of users.

Today is the status that research firm Gartner expects tablet growth in world at 53.4 percent, corresponding to a total sales of 184 million units in 2013. Gartner expects as early as next year with over 263 million sold tablets. Continue reading

TT Network Now Covers Roskilde, Holbæk and Kalundborg, Koge

Then came the trip to the north-western part of Zealand.

Telia and Telenor’s new total 3 g network now covers a large part of North and Western Zealand. It writes Telenor in a press release.

TT network provides now for 3 g to Telenor and Telia’s customers in Roskilde, frederiksværk, frederikssund, Jaegerspris, køge, Tåstrup, Holbæk, Nykøbing Sjælland, Kalundborg as well as the areas around these cities.

-“3 g-the amalgamation in the night and last week means that a large proportion of our customers will experience much better coverage when they’re talking in mobile phone and goes on the Web from their smartphone or tablet. The reason is that we have increased the number of 3 g cell towers in the area. For example, we have increased the number of master in Holbæk from 47 to 77, which corresponds to 63 percent. It’s improvements, it usually takes 3-5 years to achieve, “said network Director of Telenor Richard S. Continue reading

HTC One Max-Eneren’ve Got Growing Pains (Mobile Test)

TEST: One Max is an overgrown HTC One, which, unfortunately, is not nearly as useful as the critically acclaimed predecessor.

First came the HTC One, so a One Mini, and now, according to contemporary trends, have HTC One Max hit the stores. We are talking about a phone that lives on on the award-winning One-design, only maximized to the extreme.

Unfortunately, it is not at all points to One Max provides the maximum, but, of course, HTC also have a phablet in its product portfolio, particularly because both Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei also offers such product variants. Continue reading

Application Evokes Nik & Jay Album-Cover for Live

Nik & Jay won a DMA for “Årets Rethinks”, but it doesn’t stop here-away their new album cover to live through an application.

Last Saturday was the annual Danish Music Awards (DMA) held and Nik & Jay price won here as “this year’s Innovate” for their cooperation with Samsung.

And the innovation continues, for they have just launched a virtual 3D experience with the use of augmented reality, which is activated via the cover of their newest album “United”.

-“We see the digital media as a good opportunity to be in contact with those who are listening to us and our music. With AR technology can we get combined music with a visual experience, we have never seen before. We are looking forward to start at this sci-fi style travel with our fans and friends, “said Nik & Jay in a press release. Continue reading

Our Site Is Ready with the iOS App in New and Redesigned Version

A new update for the application from the our site provides new features and completely new design-it is ready for download.

First February 2012 for the first time, we could reveal our iPhone application-and now it is at long last ready in a new and redesigned version.

When we saw in the month of March came with the long-awaited Android-version, so was this in a new and different design. This has, of course, we also wanted to be able to offer iPhone users, but the application has had to wait for it.
Continue reading

SMS-Short Stories Can Get Young People to Read the Homework?

Text messages are part of the syllabus at a secondary school and a primary school in Aalborg, as part of a project to awaken young people’s reading.

Herningvej, Aalborg, Aalborg School Libraries and the publishing house SMSpress, as well as the authors Kim Fupz Aakeson, Svend Åge Madsen and Julie Haas squad have put 3 SMS-short stories on the syllabus. It writes our site.

-“They read their text messages, even if it has with homework to do,” it tells David Kowalski, who is a teacher in class 9. class on Herningvej School in Aalborg, to

It is not only Herningvej School, which is included in this project-also 1. g classes on Fdg examines whether SMS-short stories can give young people want to read more. Continue reading

Livescribe: Upload Your Notes to Your Tablet-Easy!

With a bluetooth pen can your notes on paper block is immediately transferred to your tablet.

With Livescribe Smartpen 3, your notes on paper block is immediately transferred to your iPad.

Livescribe Smartpne 3, is a bluetooth pen that while you write will transfer your notes to an application on your iPad.

Do you need to record voice memos while you type, can also record these 3 Smartpen and play them back via iPad´ a, when you hit the notes in the application.

The notes can also be easily converted to real text through optical character recognition, and then mailed or otherwise used for further work.

Below you can see a demonstration of the Livescribe Smartpen 3.

Prepare Yourself for the Visit at the Doctor-with New Application

A new application, from Region Syddanmark, offers the possibility to search in Patient’s Guide-so you’re prepared before the visit with the doctor.

A new application allows you to search in Patient Manual 3,000 disease articles and 2,000 illustrations.

Behind the application stands Danish regions, the Danish Medical Association and it now gives the Danes a possibility to get access to the largest disease lexicon on the smart phone-both for Android and iOS.
Continue reading

LG G Flex Is Actually Quite Flexible

LG phone with curved screen can actually bend a part without the glass shatter. Watch a video here.

Call the name Flex is apparently a bit more descriptive of LG’s new phone with curved screen than first thought. A short video showing at least the phone be bent relatively much.

To be a good amount of force to bend the phone, so it’s probably not something that emerges if you just take the phone out of your pocket, but you are going to put you on the it will probably survive the pressure it seems as though. If nothing else, it can be used as an interesting little trick to show over the water cooler at work.

Mobile Banking Is Used More Than Online Banking

For the first time ever, the mobile phone now the Danes use most when visiting the Bank, it shows the new figures.

The Danes now uses the mobile phone more often than your computer, when they are in the Bank. It also makes that Danes can more easily keep track of their account no matter where they are. it is clear from an analysis of the banks ‘ COMPUTER Central, BEC. It writes our site.

Previously you had to pass by the Bank, to pay bills and do other banking things, and so came a period where banking transactions can be done at home via the computer-but now it can be done so on the go. Continue reading

Portable DAB Radio with 24 Hours of Battery Time on Road

The Norwegian DAB radio Pinell Go is the perfect speaker, having on the road-the entire 24 hours of battery time, offer it on.

DAB radio Pinell Go allows you to have music on the road and it has a battery time of more than 24 hours-when the battery is fully charged.

The Norwegian company Pinell has delivered a mini Malian speaker in a solid quality and Nordic design.

Pinell Go is right now the best selling DAB radio in Norway, and has been test-winner in both Norway, Sweden and England. Continue reading

Apple Has Opened for Sales of iPad Mini with Retina Display

Sales start for iPad Mini with Retina display is not officially announced, but now can be bought on Apple’s website.

Apple has not announced an official date for the sales start of the new iPad Mini with Retina display, but now you can buy it from Apple’s website, however, dispatched the first within 5-10 working days.

It is still uncertain when the iPad Mini with Retina display comes in trade in the other sales channels, however, Apple has officially out the reported coming in the month of november. Sales start is former guessed to be either the 15. or 22. November.

The cheapest model of the new iPad Mini costs $ 2,999 dollars and comes with 16 GB memory and WiFi.

DoCoMo Will Transfer 1.2 Gbps from a Single Mobile Antenna

The Japanese shows again how future LTE networks will look like.

The major Japanese telecommunications operator DoCoMo has completed the world’s first transmission with a speed of more than 1.2 Gbit per second, which is eight times faster than the Danish 4 g LTE network currently theoretically can deliver.

The fast transfer was carried out with a new technology called Smart Vertical antenna MIMO, which is a new antenna technology for 4 g LTE network. It writes our site.

The new technology makes it possible with a single antenna to achieve the same throughput rates, which normally requires a an antenna equipped with four separate MIMO antennas. MIMO (multiple inputs, multiple outputs) is the term used an antenna systemem using multiple antennas to send and receive data at the same time, and thus achieves high speeds. Continue reading