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Walk Dry Your Love Handles the Belly

Saturday, January 19, 2013

That’s right you heard! In addition to being one of the most efficient aerobic activities to gain health and mood, researchers from Louisiana State University in the United States guarantee that 2 and a half hours of walking per week with a little caloric diet can decrease up to 2.5 centimeters of belly in just four weeks. Continue reading

40% of São Paulo Started Cycling Less than a Year

The recent installation of the bicycle network in the city of São Paulo may have considerably increased the number of cyclists in the city. This is what research Association of Urban Cyclists of São Paulo (Ciclocidade), carried out in partnership with the NGO Activo Transporte, Observatório das Metrópoles, and with the support of Itaú bank. Continue reading

I’m Going to TaquÁ and I’ll Be Right Back…

I started pedaling for almost two years, encouraged by some cycling tours that were part of my guidelines.

I remember that the first ride was limited to just over 2 km through the streets of the city and on the way home it seemed like I was going to die of fatigue, shortness of breath and pain in the whole body. Continue reading

Where to Buy Melissa Shoes Cheapest

The shoe company Melissa brings releases and products that are already old and that are already part of everyday life for many consumers, but they’re doing great success and women are parading with the most beautiful models and want more, or those that do not yet have seek products with affordable prices to pocket to riding in style, too. Check out this post where you can find several models Melissa on sale priced cheap enough. Learn more! Continue reading

Tips on Shoes to Wear in Winter

Winter 2012 does not bring many new features in terms of shoes, and some shoes should continue, while others return from past seasons in modern and stylish models. Something that catches attention this winter is that the medium-sized and high heels should be enough, in addition to applications, prints and many details that arrived to revitalise the models. Check out what are the shoes that will be trend in winter 2012. Continue reading

Man Pedals over Five Thousand Miles to See His Daughter

Pedaling a simple bicycle, those who do not even have the option to “change gears”, wearing clothes that are far from being the most suitable for cycling and carrying in the bag everything that is possible-besides nostalgia-, all Since 2007, salesman Osvaldo Teixeira Filho, 52, from Goiânia, where he lives, to the city of Rosario, Argentina. Continue reading

75% of São Paulo Cyclists Pedal in Area without Bike Path

There Is No Bike Path Right On The Road To People’s Work. Research Reveals That 83% Of The Respondents Pedal On Sidewalks.

In  Sao Paolo, there is a bike path missing precisely on the way to the work of most cyclists, because the people who use the bicycle every day are the residents of the periphery. Continue reading

Shoes on Sale at Shoestock

Shoes on sale at Shoestock

You are a woman who loves shopping and especially to buy shoes to feel with the high esteem high and always be with the latest products and trends in shoes, if you are a passionate about shoes you should already know the line of shoes from Shoestock which is one of the best brands of shoes, handbags and women’s belts , always bringing the main novelties in shoes for discerning women who are always looking for the perfect shoe. Continue reading

Women’s Shoes for Winter

Shoes are successful in all seasons. From summer to winter, women are dying to know what’s going to be trend and will dictate the beauty of your feet. And now we’re going to present the 2011 winter shoes fashion. The boots and pumps styles will still blow in this cold season, but who comes with everything even the boots. Continue reading

Buy Shoes Online and Best Shopping Tips Segment

Buy shoes Online, best shopping Tips segment:Ideal for those who are looking for shoes of different brands, models, colors and different prices, we have prepared this matter in order to bring important information about where to buy shoes online, check out our full article to learn more about how to perform this process and save even more on your purchases, are several models, worth checking out. Continue reading